The Knowledges and Opinions of ICU Professionals about Brain Death and Organ Donation

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This descriptive type of study involves 290 voluntary ICU professionals of 7 transplant hospitals in İstanbul Datas are collected via quastionaireDatas are analysed by SPSFrequency range Xsquare test are used as statistical method. Aim of study is to assess the knowledge and opinions of ICU professionals of transplant hospitals %24.1never fallowed up a transplant patient %15.5 never fallowed up a braindeath %22.1 have a relative donated his organs %13.1 have organ donation card. For %48.6 their knowledge about donation and transplantation is enough %59.3 thinks to donate %11.4 don’t think to donate their organs. For %75.5 check-up is necessary before donation %65.5 don’t know where to donate %98.6 declare that they are aware of brain death %95.9 believes in brain death. For the statement "Cadaveric organ transplantation can only be done from patients who die in ICU after donation" %55.2 answered yes %27.6 answered no %49 think that it should not be available to retrieve organs from brain death patients who donated his organs during his life time without looking for acceptance of their relatives %79.7 believe organ donation and transplantation is carried out according to law in Turkey %5.9 don’t believe %14.8 think there is discrimination while choosing the organ recipients %57.9 declare they can donate their mothers organs %92.8 declare they can donate their own kidneys to their mother if she needs %38.6 declare they can donate their kideys to friends %52.8 wish for their mother to donate her kidney to them if they suffer from kidney insufficiency. There is statistically significant relation between attendees who allowed up a brain death or organ transplantation case before and thought for donation (p = 0.031 x2 = 6.96) (p = 0.00 x2 = 17.4). The increase of professional duration and working period at the hospital increases the believe about having enough knowledge about donation and transplantation (p = 0.00 x2 = 33.15) (p = 0.00 x2 = 14.77) (p = 0.01 x2 = 13.36). This increase also increases the percentage of declaration My organs can be taken without permission of my relatives (p = 0.00 x2 = 17.9) (p = 0.00 x2 = 16.03) The percentage of declaration for "My organs can be taken without permission of my relatives" is higher throughout doctors according to nurses. Nurses kidney donation to their mothers is higher if needed (p = 0.00 x2 = 18.79) (p = 0.00 x2 = 15.42). Study showed the knowledge about donation and transplantation throughout participant ICU professionals is not enough. There should be training programs at these special transplant hospitals.

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