Media Effect on Organ Donation: Which Program?

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IntroductionMost of the organ donation experts have had lots of interviews in different TV programs. These programs have had some effects on the people knowledge and their tendency to donate their organs after death. In Iran, the number of request for donor card from national organ donation website is a marker of this effect on the society.Material and MethodThis time one of the most experts of organ donation of Iran was invited to a most viewed program to talk about brain dead and organ donation.This program named “Khandevane” which means laughing and is very popular. One of the most famous actors of Iran is presenter of this program. The guest expert started to explain the issue as simple as she could in a question and answer format with the presenter and he answered the questions with fun.ResultsThe rate of registry for donor card in our website in average is 200-500 a day. Right after this TV program there was 100.000 requests in 100 hours (in average 1000 request per hour) which is 48 to 120 times more than the regular days.ConclusionFor improving the society tendency toward organ donation Media (specially most viewed TV programs) and famous celebrities and expert lecturer have a great and prompt effect.

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