Increased Utilization of Hep C Donors With Concurrent Increase in Hep C Donor Pool

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IntroductionBoth the number and proportion of HCV donors in this OPO’s service area increased significantly from 29 (6% of deceased donors) in 2013 to 83 (15% of deceased donors) in 2016. The HCV donor pool in the U.S. increased from 361 (4% of deceased donors) to 661 (7% of deceased donors) in the same time period.MethodsThis was a single OPO study. A retrospective analysis of utilization of kidneys, livers and hearts from HCV donors (HCV Ab+, HCV NAT+ or both) over 4 years was performed.ResultsThe number of HCV donors procured increased by 186% from 29 in 2013 to 83 in 2016, while the overall donor pool increased by 20% from 447 to 540. The number of HCV kidneys, livers and hearts recovered for transplant increased by 180% from 68 to 190. Utilization of these organs increased by 51% from 47% in 2013 to 71% in 2016 despite the dramatic increase in the number of organs recovered from HCV donors.ConclusionOPOs should aggressively pursue HCV donors and transplant centers should consider utilization of HCV kidneys. Newly developed treatment protocols for HCV within this potential donor population should be evaluated to increase utilization of these kidneys in recipients without HCV.

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