Strengthened Governance in Order to Promote Organ Donation

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IntroductionThe National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW) is the public authority responsible for promoting organ donation in Sweden by means of active knowledge-based guidance and regulations.As part of promoting organ and tissue donation an extended governmental assignment will be given the NBHW in 2017. In order to prepare for this assignment, including producing a national strategy for effective governance with knowledge in the area of organ donation, NBHW implemented structured workshops in each of the country’s six donor regions during 2016. The aim with the workshops was to identify the areas were national coordination was needed in order to increase organ donation in Sweden. In Sweden the municipalities, county councils and regions have self-government.MethodThe participants in the NBHW workshops were responsible health care providers and decision makers, on regional and local level, in the county councils within each region, i.e. operational managers at intensive care units and transplantation clinics, decision makers and politicians. The workshops focused on organizational structure, and resources and priorities in the field of organ donation.The findings from the six workshops were later clustered and analyzed inspired by qualitative content analysis.ResultsThe findings are presented in four areas; legal framework, training and education for health care staff, information to the public, and monitoring of results, with proposed action areas and examples of activities. Common to all four was the overall need for updated guidelines within each area.ConclusionThe NBHW will be tasked with producing a strategy for effective governance with knowledge in the area of organ donation and for information to care providers and health workers on new rules and approaches in the activities. The results from the structured regional workshops will form part of this national strategy and will be a part of the extended responsibility of the NBHW to regulate and coordinate the field of organ donation. The action areas will be followed up by monitoring for example selected indicators on a regularly basis.

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