Creating a Hospital Based Critical Care Nurse Certification for Organ Donor Management

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PurposeCertification is a benchmark for recognizing clinical expertise among nursing professionals. The review of the literature does not represent a specialty certification in organ donation management for critical care nurses. Educational interventions are an integral part of promoting best practice. Charleston Area Medical Center in association with the Center for Organ Recovery and Education offered the first educational intervention specifically targeted to critical care nurses for the care and management of donor patients and their families. The program is organized as a certification review course.MethodsThe course outline and materials were compiled by faculty representing medicine, nursing, quality management, organ and tissue recovery, transplant, and administration. The title of the course and hospital recognized certification is the CAMC Certified Donor Management Nurse (CDMN). The first course was offered in November of 2013. The course is offered twice a year and open to registered participants from critical care units throughout the organization. The most recent course was offered in March 2017.ResultsThe first group of participants represented nurses from the eight critical care units at CAMC. The subsequent classes have continued to represent critical care nurses from throughout the organization. Classes and the certification examination are scheduled twice a year and open to all critical care nurses. The nurses are recognized on their units as the clinical experts in the care of the donor patient. They are also charged with promoting a culture of awareness and education on donor rights and management.ConclusionCurrently improvement data is being monitored. The number of donors in West Virginia and nationwide has declined during the past year however the organs yielded per donor at CAMC has risen from 2.58 in 2013 to 3.0 organs yielded per patient in 2014. Organs yielded per donor dropped slightly during 2015 to 2.77 per donor but trends indicate that 2016 will show continued improvement. One hospital having the highest ever documented at 3.83 organs yielded per donor.References1. Krapohl G, Manojlovick, M Redman, R (2010) Nursing specialty certification and nursing sensitive outcomes in the intensive care unit. American Journal of Critical care.2. Watts MD (2010) Certification and the clinical ladder as the mpeetus for professional development. Critical Care Nursing Quarterly.

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