Non-Recovered and Discarded Deceased Organs in Saudi Arabia 2012‐2016

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ObjectiveTo evaluate the rate and causes of unused organs in ten-years period.MethodsA retrospective study was done during the period of 2012‐2016, comprising the eligible, the actual, the utilized deceased organ donor cases and consented not harvested cases. Organs involve were kidney, liver, heart, lung and pancreas.ResultsFrom the total of 3046 reported cases as Possible Deceased Donors (DD), 1458 (81.5%) were approached for organ donation after declaration of Death (1788 cases), and 483 (33.1%) were consented for organ donation with 432 (89.4%) harvested, while 51 (10.6%) were rejected. From the 483 total consented cases, 99.6% were consented for kidney donation. There were 665 kidneys retrieved locally, 614 (92.3%) of them were utilized, and 57 (7.3%) were not used. All in all, 479 (99.2%) cases were consented for liver donation, 149 (31.1%) of which were rejected for utilizing mainly due to hypernatremia and elevated liver enzymes, 330 (68.9%) cases were harvested while 291 (88.2% from the harvested cases) were utilized with 39 (11.8%) unused. There were 441 (91.3%) consents for heart donation with only 133 (30.2%) were used as whole heart and 89 used as a source for valves. Of the 437 (90.48%) consented cases for lung donation, 166 (19%) were recovered and among them, 144 (86.7%) were utilized while 708 (81%) were rejected upon offering. Lastly, among the 419 consents for pancreas donation, a small fraction were utilized with a total of 27 (6.4%) pancreases only transplanted.ConclusionThe rate of non-recovered organs were 31% for kidneys, 31% for liver 50% for heart, 81% for lungs and 93% for pancreas mainly as a result of the donor qualities, while the rate of unused organ after harvesting is around 7.3% for kidneys, 11.8% for livers, none for hearts, 14.5% for lungs and 10% for pancreas. These are usually due to characteristics itself. Still, we could lessen the rate of rejection by preventing technical reasons and the much needed improvement in the area of donor management.KeywordsDeceased Donors, Unused Organs, Rejection Rate, Saudi Arabia

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