Study on Effects of Physicians Training Regards to Cadaveric Organ Donation in Bursa

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As a matter of fact, the inadequacy of organ donation and cadaver transfer numbers in our country causes many patients who have been treated due to organ failure to lose their life while organ is waiting. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of the training the physicians who are affiliated to the Regional Coordination Center for Organ and Tissue Embryo Bursa within the scope of European Union "Technical Assistance for Harmonization in Organ Donation" project. Methods: As a part of the"Technical Assistance for Organ Donor Adjustment Project", which was organized within the framework of European Union integration legislation, brain death, donor care,family interview was told to 150 physicians selected from 6 different cities in the province of Bursa;Bursa,Balikesir, Çanakkale,Yalova,Düzce, Bilecik Continuing these trainings, a total of 365 physicians have attended to the training courses were delivered on a regional basis in Bursa Balikesir, Düzce. In order to see the effects of physician trainings held in 2014, 2015 and 2016 on brain death to donor results, brain death to donor ratio before and after the training were examined retrospectively. Findings: When the effects of trainings were examined, the total number of donors after the training of all the participants in the region first increased from 54 in 2014 to 80 in 2015 (48%), while the number of donors in 2016 increased by 116.6% from 117 in 2014. In the year of 2014 when the trainings just got started the number of brain deaths detected 154. It is 226 in 2015 and 241 in 2016. Donation in 2014 has been done with family consent is 54 (35%), 80 in 2015 which represents 35% of the total deaths again it has hit 117 with 48,5%. While the number of donors in Balikesir whose physicians had attended the trainings, in 2014 number of donors were 17, in 2015 30 (76%) and in 2016 with 35 donors 105%. In another province of that region called Duzce, there were no donors in 2014 or 2015 but in 2016 4 deaths has become donors. When it comes to Bursa province, in 2014 there were 28 donors, it has increased to 33 in 2015 (17,8% of the total death cases) and the number for 2016 has been recorded as 58 donors which corresponds 107% of the total deaths.


The European Union's "Brain Death- Donor Care and Family Interview" trainings, which were started by the experts in the scope of the "Technical Assistance for Harmonization with Organ Donation", have shown that even in hospitals where there are no donor reports in our region, major awakenings are caused. Research conducted; it has been shown that physician training on a repeated basis has a significant influence on the brain death cases and the increase of the number of donors detected by creating awareness and sensitivity in physicians. Correspondingly the findings could be explained that the training has to be done repeatedly region by regional.


1. Dr. Yavuz Selim Çinar.

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