Study on the Effectiveness of the Training on Organ Donation in Çanakkale

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Aim-correction of misinformation organ donation and transplantation-completion of missing data-examination of the training which is given in order to increase awarenessMaterial and Method-It was applied for 2 hours on each day in each social life center in 3 different social life centers.-Individuals who are above 18 years old and participated in activities of social life centers create extent of the study.-Pre-test question form was applied on before the training.-After the pre-test 1 hour lecture was given about about organ transplatation and donation by Çanakkale Organ Transplantation Coordinationship and Onsekiz Mart University Public Health Department.-After the training the last test was applied.-This form only consist of knowledge level about organ donation and transplantation, attitude and behaviour section.Conclusion-It was observed that willingness and the knowledge about organ donation increased significantly.-It was determined that willingness about organ donation was increased thanks to talking about organ donation in people’s family.-Person who improve positive attitude towards organ donation can affect his/her family and those around so they can provide enhancement of extensive affect incrementally.

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