Does the Establishment of Organ Transplant Center Effect on the Organ Donation in the Region?

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BackgroundOrgan transplantation is carried out with multidisciplinary, which requires big effort, dedication and sacrifice. The weakest part of this work is shortcomings in cadaveric organ donation. T. C. Ministry of Health, both medical and social aspects of organ [G1] transplantation and organ sharing the significant progress has been made in our country.The aim of study is to present the effects of newly established ‘Organ Transplantation Center’ on organ donation in Isparta and examples of multiple organ harvesting in the region and to share our experience in this field.Materials and MethodsOn 15.05.2015 the permission for organ transplantation w[G2] ere [G3] taken from T. C. Health Ministry. Subsequently, ventilator-assisted[G4] intensive care units, transplant outpatient, inpatient services. hemodialysis unit and the technical infrastructure was prepared. Coordination and informing meetings were held for 112 emergency, hospitals and hemodialysis units in the region. Later, the declaration of brain death occurred[G5] in Isparta were evaluated by the relevant coordinator of The National Coordination Unit and statement was made. Nine organs of brain-dead patients were distributed to hospitals.ResultsWhile an average of 4‐5 cadaver donations have been made in the past years, within one year following the establishment of the center an increase of approximately 50% with 9 cadaver donations was provided. Seven kidneys and 6 livers were transplanted to the patients in transplantation center.ConclusionThe succes of organ transplantation can be achieved with a sufficient number organ donation. The establishment of organ transplantation center has increased the rate of organ donation in the region. Everyone has a great responsibility.References1.2. Silva VS, Moura LC, Leite RF, Oliveira PC, Schirmer J, Intra-hospital organ and tissue donation coordination project: cost-effectiveness and social benefits. Roza Rev Saude Publica. 2015; 49:1–7.3. Afonso RC, Pinheiro R, Santos-Junior PR, Bussolaro RA, Ferraz-Neto BH, et al. Notifying potential donors: perspective of help from the intra-hospital transplantation committee. Transplant Proc. 2002 Mar;34(2):445–6.4. Yakupoğlu YK, Özden E, Koçak B. Three Years of Kidney Transplantation Experience at a University Hospital. Turkish Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Journal 2009 Vol. 18, No, 2, 76–81.5. web

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