Comparing the Effect of an Educational Course About Organ Donation on Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses and Nurse Supervisors

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Allied health professionals awareness about organ donation can affect the organ procurement and transplantation programs. The purpose of this study is to compare the attitudes and knowledge about organ donation in nurses and nurse supervisors before and after an educational course about organ donation.

Method and Materials

Nurses and nurse supervisors (n=125) in Yazd province of Iran completed a questionnaire designed to evaluate their attitude and knowledge toward organ donation before and after an organ donation educational course (2 days for nurse supervisors and 7 days for nurses).


The result of paired t-test showed that there were significant relationships between the knowledge before and after intervention in both groups (nurses and matrons) (p<0.001).(table 1)


Before the course, there was no differences between attitudes between nurse supervisors and nurses. However, after the course the result reveals significant differences between two groups (p<0.001).(table2)


Organ procurement course did achieve a favorable attitude and knowledge in nurse supervisors and nurses. However, more exposure (7 days vs 2 days) could achieve more positive results. Results of this study can help to design future organ donation educational courses for allied health professionals.

Key words

Organ donation, nurses, nurse supervisors, knowledge, attitude, quasi experimental.

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