Adoptive Transfer of HVEM signal induced Alloreacitve Regulatory T cell Protect Rejection in Allogeneic Murine Cardiac Transplantation Model.

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BackgroundDonor antigen specific immunosuppression is ideal strategy in organ transplantation to decrease the risk of life-long immunosuppression.Material and MethodDonor reactive FOXP3 + regulatory T cell were generated from hCD2-FOXP3 reporter C57BL/6 background mouse splenocyte with pre-coated HVEM agonistic mAb and irradiated donor splenocyte and purified by magnetic sorting. This donor reactive regulatory T cell were cocultured with naïve splenocyte stimulated by donor antigen and adoptively transfer into transplanted mouse to evaluate their protection for graft rejection.ResultsThe HVEM induced alloreavitve hCD2+ regulatory T cell suppress anti-donor response more than non-treated alloreactive hCD2+ regulatory nor naïve hCD2+ regulatory T cell.Graft survival was significantly prolonged in the cell therapy group compared with allogeneic transplants ( Log Rank p<0.05).ConclusionHVEM agonistic signal enhance suppressive function in FOXP3+ alloreacitve regulatory T cells. This cell therapy might be option to protect graft rejection.

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