Features of Deceased Kidney Transplantation in KSA; 2014-2016

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ObjectivesThe existing deceased kidney transplantation program in the Kingdom has different features including pediatric, kidney classification on standard and expanded criteria donors (SCD and ECD), combined and urgent transplantation. As mentioned, of the features, kidneys were placed in classifications, categories, priority and finally distributed to transplant centers according to the protocol.MethodsA retrospective study on the allocation, distribution of deceased kidneys in respect to the mentioned features during the years 2014-2016.ResultsDuring these period, a total of 313 deceased donors were consented for organ donation of these, 212 (68%) kidney donors were recovered, wherein, 202 donor kidneys were utilized. Qualities of deceased utilized kidneys donors, age ranges from 51 days to 68 years with mean age of 38 years. The causes of death were mainly due to Non-Traumatic causes 125 (62%) and traumatic causes 77 (38%), Mean serum Creatinine is 155 μmol. Of the 424 recovered cases, 2 kidneys was shared to UAE; 402 (95%) were transplanted and 22(5%) were discarded. There were a total of 68 (17%) kidneys transplanted to pediatric recipients; allocation was based on donor qualities which brings us to the next feature which is the SCD and ECD kidneys. In relation, 67 (99%) of kidneys transplanted to pediatrics were from standard criteria donors per SCOT protocol to allocate 20% of the SCD kidneys for pediatric recipients. Coming back to the kidney classification, there were a total of 290 (72%) SCD and 112 (28%) kidneys transplanted. Kidney Donor Risk Index (KDRI) was also observed with 8 donors having scored <0.8, 86 were between >0.8 – 1.15, 60 were 1.16-1.45 and 58 were >1.45. Combined transplantation such as en-bloc, were performed in 20 kidneys (10 recipients), 4 in kidney-liver, 6 in simultaneous pancreas kidney transplant (SPK) and 1 kidney–heart transplantation was done. Lastly, a total of 45 (11%) kidneys were transplanted to urgent recipients requested by transplant centers in the kingdom.ConclusionThe features of deceased kidney transplantation in the kingdom is up to date with the current standards in kidney transplant practice internationally. Although more efforts should be done to further improve the quality of deceased kidney transplants and its features.

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