Tech 4X40-40: A No-pump Technique for Transplantation Preservation Procedures

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BodyIn 1950s-1960s BIGELOW and GIBBON set down the basis of Hypothermia and concluded that at 15 °C the Metabolism is reduced to ∼ 1/7; it is expected to be ∼ 1/20 at 10 °C. These greatly reduced metabolisms result in consequential reductions in O2 demand ( thus making it much easier to oxygenate needy critically ill Patients ) of Refractory Cardiac Arrest RCA Patients and Road Traffic Accident RTA Patients ( total overall mortality of ∼ 3 million yearly ).After expert Medical Evaluation and application of, in certain needy cases, induced circulatory arrest and muscle paralysis or anesthetics, the helpless Patients are immersed in circulating water at 4 °C protectively or else placed in a ventilated refrigerated van at – 20 °C.This new technique –Tech 4 - buys time of 45 mins, allowing 4th, 5th or 6th year Medical Students to expose the femoral vessels ( out of Hospitals ), to inset a catheter in the femoral artery and to make a slit in the femoral vein.100 liters of Solution X40 containing the requisite amount of nutrients and O2 at 4 °C ( the Artificial Blood predicted by Legallois in 1812 ) is infused, using specific and practical modalities through a new tested simple apparatus, into the femoral artery catheter. Used Solution X40 containing patients' blood and CO2 exits the femoral vein slit: this is Tech 4X40 - which possibly will buy time of >15 hours for the Patients : website These optimum protective survival measures can, with additional infusion of Solution X40, be stretched up to 40 days = Tech 4X40-40 with the Patients in hospitals at 10-7 °C – if more advantageous.At this stage, with this optimum life preserving conditions, we have 3 possibilities:Patients' brains have satisfactory functionality - with 2 possibilities:(1) All other organs have adequate functionality: Patients are put on - then off CPB using the usual Heart-Lung Machines.(2) One or more organs have inadequate functionality needing transplantation:These patients are bridged to transplantation, for up to 365 days – Tech 4X40-365 or more if needed.(3) Patients' brains are irreversibly damaged:These Patients are potential donors with their organs kept in-situ in optimum preserving conditions at 10-7 °C for up to 365 days with the same technique Tech 4X40-365 or more if necessary.Judicious use of Tech 4X40-40 will pave the way for the current transplantation procedures to be effected in optimum conditions worldwide to save possibly one million of these RCA and RTA Patients.

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