The Use of Donor with Renal Failure in Cadaver and One-Year Outcome

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ObjectiveThe use of transplants from donors with acute kidney injury may negatively affect the outcome after renal transplantation. In this study, we evaluated one-year graft survival and renal functions in patients who transplanted from deceased donor with acute kidney injury.MethodRetrospective study, over a period of 4 years between 2011 and 2015 were carried out. A total of 161 deceased donor, of which, sixty-three donor (Group A) with acute kidney injury whose former renal functions were normal and ninety-eight standard donor (Group B)not carry any expanded criteria were included to the study.ResultsIn both groups, mean donor age were 44 ± 14, and 48 ± 16 respectively and not different between groups (p=0,103).In group B, male sex ratio was significantly higher(%73vs%49, p=0,003) Cold ischemia time(>12 hour,%66 in group A vs %69 in group B,p=0,731) was not different. Antigen mismatch were not different between groups (2,3±1,1in group A vs 2,2±0,8 in group B p=0,592) One year death ratio and creatinine levels were not different between groups ( 11%in group A vs 17% in group B, p=0,323) (1,46 ±0,9 in group A vs 1,45± 0,8 in group B, p=0,95).ConclusionThese results suggest that Despite Acute kidney injury in donors, one-year outcome is not different and donor with acute kidney injury should not be excluded.

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