International Registry in Organ Donation and Transplantation (IRODAT) - 2016 Worldwide Data

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BackgroundIRODaT is the first registry in this field, which contains statistics of deceased/living donors and transplants. Out of the 111 countries with organ donation or transplantation activity, 86 national reporters have submitted data to IRODaT during the last 19 years.MethodsEach participant country inserts their own data to the website and all data are validated. The information registered follows the definition of “The Critical Pathway of Deceased Donation (1)”, ensuring uniformity throughout the registry and aiding correct interpretation of the data by the scientific community. The data could be verified contacting the official reporter when it is needed. The compilation of all this information worldwide can be accessed by the whole community. Specialized reports in case of specific investigations and studies could be provided by the IRODaT team.ResultsThere are data from 75 countries in 2016. Cyprus and Dominican Republic had the highest improvement in deceased organ donation compared to 2015 data, from 2.5 to 5.17/ pmp and from 0.7 to 1.5 donor/pmp, respectively. China and Malta had improvements of 55% and 67% in their deceased organ donation rate (from 2 to 3.1 pmp and from 15 to 25 pmp). Twenty-three countries are performing DCD, which is an increase of 29.4% compared to 5 years ago when only 17 countries had this type of donation. In Spain and UK, DCD donation represents more than 9% of their total number of deceased donation. Regarding transplantation, Spain, France and USA are the countries with the highest rate in kidney deceased transplant and Croatia, Portugal and Spain are the ones with the highest number of liver transplant. The leaders of heart, lungs and pancreas transplants are Slovenia (15.05 pmp), USA (12.8 pmp) and Finland (4.91/pmp). Eight countries reported only living donation activity: Armenia, Georgia, Macedonia, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Montenegro, Sudan and Syria. Netherlands and Turkey perform the largest number in Kidney transplants from living donor (33.24 pmp and 33.15 transplants/pmp).ConclusionsThe data available to IRODaT (since 1998) support research and strategy planning of Organ donation and transplant institutions. Comparative data provides a worldwide overview of which improvements are necessary for different systems.References1. Dominguez-Gil B., et al. Transplant Int. 2011; 24: 373-378.2.2. IRODaT. Available at:

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