Open Data on Donation and Transplantation in Buenos Aires City

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IntroductionThe Transplant Institute, associated with different Government Office and the General Direction of Projects of Intelligent City, (Buenos Aires, Argentina) have worked together for publication of information about the donation of organs and tissues in Buenos Aires City. Through this joint work have been published results, data and graphics in the data portal open Buenos Aires Data within the framework of the initiative of public data and transparency of the City Government. This initiative consists of open information which then translates to maps, charts, and databases of Government to promote transparency, collaboration and citizen participation and re-use of information of the city.Material and methodsThe opening of information in open data format (readable by machines, available for free to everyone, without restrictions of copyrigths, of easy accessibility, ideally, a single click), is a standard of perfect transparency, to which the cities and countries want to reach, and it is one of the axes of the concept of open Government, together with citizen participation and access to information. Working together with areas that push open government goals, we managed to make the translation of data that was hidden in the web, open and available data according to international standards. Statistics catalogue is composed of all the ministries of the city information, and information is organized in different open datasets.Resultslook examples.DiscussionThe challenges of open data - whose full scope would make unnecessary requests for access to information, tend to be technical, but also human. At the technical level, data from different areas of Government tend to be on paper, records, PDF files, books or in digital formats of non-free software, and in general, are not public. Then, which are digital and public, may be poorly made. There are also human factors that hinder the sharing of information between areas. Procurement and transplantation information is registered in the SINTRA, and although it is public access requires knowledge of the system making it difficult to access.ConclusionThe Transplant Institute is a highly transparent institution, governed by a very strong national law, which has many available data and online, but many click away. Response of communication, open data and visualizations on interactive maps, it is a highly recommended tool.

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