Grafting's Function in Patients with Liver Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation

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IntroductionThere are few studies of the intestinal graft function in medium and long term.ObjectivesAssess the functional status of the graft in transplantation patients, once the immediate post-transplant has been overcome.MethodologyPatients who received a liver-intestinal or multivisceral transplantation were prospectively evaluated through cross-sectional data collection during a review. Clinical, analytical and functional variables are analyzed. Unstable patients with intercurrent processes were excluded.ResultsTwenty-six patients were analyzed, 65.38% of them male. 21 with multivisceral graft (80.76%) and 5 liver-intestinal (19.23%). 7 multivisceral grafts were retransplantation (26.92%). The average age at transplantation was 1.73 + / 3.22 years (range: 7 months - 13 years). The average time post-transplant was 3.78 +/- 3.69 years (range 1.5 - 14 years). The indication for transplant was volvulus (19.23%), necrotizing enterocolitis (15.38%), gastroschisis (15.38%), pseudo-obstruction (11.53%), atresia (7.69%) intestinal ischemia (7.69%), epithelial dysplasia (7.69%), MartínezFrías syndrome (3.84%), mitochondrial disease (3.84%) and Hirschsprung's disease (3.84%). 96.15% of patients are autonomous oral-enteral. 1 (3.85%) maintains home parenteral nutrition. 15.38% receive enteral nocturnal nutrition. 3 patients (11.53%) maintain ostomy.Fecal alpha 1-antitrypsin was normal in 92.30% of patients. Fecal elastase was normal at 100%. Faecal fat excretion was normal in 84.61% of patients, only 4 (15.38%) with a moderate steatorrhea. Blood parameters were normal in 100% of patients, including serum citrulline levels with a mean of 37.16 μmol / L (range 21-74).Conclusion1. Patients with liver-intestinal and multivisceral transplantation have good graft function in medium and long term.2. Most maintain digestive autonomy.3. Although in some patients steatorrhea is observed, pancreatic function is normal in 100% of patients with a multivisceral transplantation that includes a pancreatic graft.

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