Classical Swine Fever (Hog Cholera): Review of Aspects Relevant to Control
Clinical Diagnosis of West Nile Fever in Equids by Classification and Regression Tree (CART) Analysis and Comparative Study of Clinical Appearance in Three European Countries
Antibody Response in Horses Following Experimental Infection with West Nile Virus Lineages 1 and 2
A Population Model to Describe the Distribution and Seasonal Dynamics of the Tick Hyalomma marginatum in the Mediterranean Basin
Risks Associated with Commodity Trade: Transmission of Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Virus (VHSV) to Rainbow Trout Fry from VHSV-Carrying Tissue-Homogenates
Production and Diagnostic Application of a Purified, E. coli -Expressed, Serological-Specific Chicken Anaemia Virus Antigen VP3
Molecular Characterization of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus: Implications for Disease Control in Bangladesh
Assessment of interactions between African swine fever virus, bushpigs ( Potamochoerus larvatus) , Ornithodoros ticks and domestic pigs in north-western Madagascar
Serological Evidence of Leishmania donovani Infection in Apparently Healthy Dogs using Direct Agglutination Test (DAT) and rk39 Dipstick Tests in Kafta Humera, north-west Ethiopia
Anaplasma Phagocytophilum Intragranulocytic Morulae in Aborting Sheep: A Herd Case in Sicily
Occurrence of Dual Infection of Peste-Des-Petits-Ruminants and Goatpox in Indigenous Goats of Central India
Absence of Heat Intolerance (Panting) Syndrome in Foot-and-Mouth Disease-Affected Indian Cattle ( Bos indicus ) is Associated with Intact Thyroid Gland Function