Pathways for Entry of Livestock Arboviruses into Great Britain: Assessing the Strength of Evidence
Congenital Jaundice in Bovine Aborted Foetuses: An Emerging Syndrome in Southern Belgium
Risk Factors for Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Tanzania, 2001–2006
Polymorphism at the ITS and NTS Loci of Perkinsus marinus Isolated from Cultivated Oyster Crassostrea corteziensis in Nayarit, Mexico and Phylogentic Relationship to P. marinus along the Atlantic Coast
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Characterization of Contact Structures for the Spread of Infectious Diseases in a Pork Supply Chain in Northern Germany by Dynamic Network Analysis of Yearly and Monthly Networks
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About the Paper ‘First Report of Schmallenberg Virus Infection in Cattle in Poland’ by Larska et al