Pain as the Fifth Vital Sign
Transcultural Nursing's Role in a Managed Care Environment
Culturally Competent Managed Health Care
A Framework for Providing Culturally Competent Health Care Services in Managed Care Organizations
Managed Care
Let Us Try to Keep Culturally Competent Care in Managed Care
Managed Care
The Personal Experience of Pregnancy for African-American Women
Developing an Instrument to Study the Tuberculosis Screening Behaviors of Mexican Migrant Farmworkers
The Health Care Meanings, Values, and Practices of Anglo-American Males in the Rural Midwest
Panamanians' Practices for Health Promotion and the Meaning of Respect Afforded Them by Health Care Providers
Disseminating the Results of Participant-Focused Research
The Culture of the Deaf
People With Disabilities—The Same, but Different
The International Council of Nurses Holds Centennial Conference in London
The Ayurveda Encyclopedia
The Ayurveda Encyclopedia
President's Message
Founder's Focus---Reflections on the International Council of Nurses and the Transcultural Nursing Society in London, 1999
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