Summit on American Indian Health Care Bridging the Cultural Canyon
Tribute to Dr. Roxanne Struthers
The Nutrition Transition in American Indians
Promising Strategies for Obesity Prevention and Treatment Within American Indian Communities
Dominant Western Health Care
Diabetes Prevention in Indian Country
Violence in Native America
The Medicine Wheel
Research and American Indian/Alaska Native Health
Research and Educational Approaches to Reducing Health Disparities Among American Indians and Alaska Natives
An Analysis of Health Behavior Theories Applied to Breast-Screening Behavior for Relevance With American Indian Women
The Effect of HIV/AIDS Disease Progression on Spirituality and Self-Transcendence in a Multicultural Population
Values and Beliefs About Obesity and Weight Reduction Among African American and Caucasian Women
Atmosphere, Tolerance, and Cultural Competence in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program
President's Message
Third Induction of Transcultural Nursing Scholars
Transcultural Nursing Research Award
Calendar of Events
Transcultural Nursing Society Chapters, Regional Liaisons, and Cooperative Alliances