Culture Care Meanings, Beliefs, and Practices in Rural Dominican Republic
Metabolic Syndrome in African Americans
Cancer Care Experiences and the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at End of Life in Nova Scotia's Black Communities
Subethnic Differences in the Menopausal Symptom Experience of Asian American Midlife Women
Effects of Koryo Hand Therapy on Serum Hormones and Menopausal Symptoms in Korean Women
Knowledge of Substance Abuse Among High School Students in Jordan
Bringing Translation Out of the Shadows
Providing Care for Migrant Farm Worker Families in Their Unique Sociocultural Context and Environment
Case Studies of Hispanic Caregivers of Persons With Dementia
Spirituality and Its Relationships With the Health and Illness of Appalachian People
Incorporating Cultural Competence Content Into Graduate Nursing Curricula Through Community-University Collaboration
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