Perceptions of Health and Well-Being Held by Native Hawaiian Migrants
Well-Being of Dinka Refugee Women of Southern Sudan
Perceived Acceptance of Condom Use by Partners, Close Friends, and Parents of Spanish and Mozambican Heterosexual Adolescents
Understanding Prenatal Health Care for American Indian Women in a Northern Plains Tribe
African American Women and Weight Loss: Disregarding Environmental Challenges
Quality of Life for Caregivers of Persons With Alzheimer's Disease Living in Sardinia, Italy
“Turning to One's Own World”: Escape Mechanisms Employed by Immigrant Caregivers in Spain for Relieving the Burden of Care
Psychometric Evaluation of the Turkish Version of the Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI) in Family Caregivers of Inpatients in Medical and Surgical Clinics
Somali Immigrant Women's Health Care Experiences and Beliefs Regarding Pregnancy and Birth in the United States
Study Abroad as a Tool for Promoting Cultural Safety in Nursing Education
Putting the World as Classroom: An Application of the Inequalities Imagination Model in Nursing and Health Education
The Influence of Eastern Philosophy on Elder Care by Chinese Americans: Attitudes Toward Long-Term Care
President's Message: We Begin Anew
Transcultural Nursing Scholars' Corner
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