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Cultural Humility
Evaluating Community Health Advisor (CHA) Core Competencies
Guiding the Process of Culturally Competent Care With Hispanic Patients
Pain Management Experiences and the Acceptability of Cognitive Behavioral Strategies Among American Indians and Alaska Natives
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Spiritual Healing Practices Among Rural Postpartum Thai Women
Development and Validation of Women's Satisfaction With Hospital-Based Intrapartum Care Scale in Jordan
Experiences of Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients in Turkey
Barriers and Facilitators of Adolescent Health in Rural Kenya
The Meaning of Survivorship as Defined by African American Breast Cancer Survivors
Cultural Expressions of Intergenerational Trauma and Mental Health Nursing Implications for U.S. Health Care Delivery Following Refugee Resettlement
The Impact of Nursing Students' Cultural Diversity on the Intention and Attitudes Toward the Use of Information Technology
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Cultural Aspects of Polypharmacy and Mild Cognitive Impairment