Immersing in Context
A Journey Toward Cultural Competence
Meeting the Needs of Older Adult Refugee Populations With Home Health Services
Researching in Collectivist Cultures
The Role of Language Use in Reports of Musculoskeletal Pain Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Adolescents
Reflections on Native Ethnography by a Nurse Researcher
Differences in Transitional Care Provided to Mexican American and Non-Hispanic White Older Adults
John Henryism Active Coping, Acculturation, and Psychological Health in Korean Immigrants
Tobacco Use Among Arab Immigrants Living in Colorado
A Culturally Appropriate Self-Management Program for Hispanic Adults With Type 2 Diabetes and Low Health Literacy Skills
Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Cultural Self-Efficacy Scale for Colombian Nursing Professionals
Latinas and Intergenerational Caregiving
Amish-Initiated Burn Care Project
President’s Message
The Public Trust and Our Strength in Numbers