Reconstruction of Transcultural Health Care
Self-Stigma and Veteran Culture
Urban First Nations Men : Narratives of Positive Identity and Implications for Culturally Safe Care
The Relationship Between Mutuality, Filial Piety, and Depression in Family Caregivers in China
Validating a Scale of Health Beliefs in Preventive Health Screenings Among Chinese Older Adults
The Impact of Traditional Health Beliefs on the Health Practices of Women From Southern Taiwan
Factors Influencing Pap Screening Use Among African Immigrant Women
Financial Barriers to Health Care Among Mexican Americans With Chronic Disease and Depression or Anxiety in El Paso, Texas
Parenting African American Children With Autism : The Influence of Respect and Faith in Mother, Father, Single-, and Two-Parent Care
The Child Obesity Epidemic in Saudi Arabia : A Review of the Literature
An Enhanced Cultural Competence Curriculum and Changes in Transcultural Self-Efficacy in Doctor of Nursing Practice Students
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FITNESS for Culturally Congruent Care