Implementation of optimal care
Implementing transfusion practice guidelines—the Austrian approach
Inventory management of blood components
Tolerance of perioperative anemia
Anemia management—role of intravenous iron
Emerging transfusion-transmitted infections—role of pathogen inactivation
Transfusion-associated immune modulation
Effects of colloids on bleeding in major surgery
Early sepsis resuscitation: crystalloids vs. colloids
Association between age and blood loss—blood-sparing strategies
Neonatal anemia—erythropoietin as an alternative to transfusion
Recombinant factor VIIa in pediatric cardiac surgery
Recombinant factor VIIa in pediatric trauma surgery
Blood-sparing strategies in surgery
Advances in platelet function monitoring
Insights on the BART study
Fresh frozen plasma: should we be using more or less?
Fibrinogen and prothrombin complex concentrate for the management of massive bleeding
Detection, evaluation and management of preoperative anemia in the elective orthopedic surgical patient—NATA guidelines
Perioperative red cell salvage in orthopedic surgery—washed or unwashed?
New antiplatelet agents
New oral anticoagulants
Management of patients on new antiplatelet/anticoagulant agents
Cell salvage and cancer
Cell salvage and bowel contamination
Cell salvage and obstetric hemorrhage
Age of blood—does it matter? Yes
Age of blood—does it matter? No
Blood donation and blood transfusion in Spain (1997-2006): the effects of demographic changes and universal leukoreduction
Large differences in donation and transfusion between Spanish autonomic communities
Balance after implementing a new transfusion safety system: a 2-year experience
Frequency of ABO and Rh (D) blood groups among Egyptian blood donors
Impact of the solvent/detergent (S/D) treatment time on protease inhibitor activity in the pharmaceutically licensed plasma Octaplas® LG
The introduction of a novel prion protein (PrPSc) removal technology for the pharmaceutically licensed plasma (Octaplas®)
Biochemical quality of the pharmaceutically licensed plasma Octaplas® after implementation of a novel prion protein (PrPSc) removal technology
Effects of allogeneic blood transfusions and leukocytes during cardiac surgery on inflammatory markers and postoperative complications
Platelet transfusions in cardiac surgery: an epidemiological study on indications and ef.ciency
Transfusion culture and blood management implementation in a Danish university hospital ICU
Challenges of blood management in surgical practice in a resource-poor setting—a Nigerian experience
Point of care testing—the in.uence on FFP transfusion practice in hepatic resection
Does trigger point for transfusion affect the volume of transfused blood products?
Computer systems for improving red blood cells transfusion in critically ill patients
Computer systems for improving platelets and fresh frozen plasma transfusion in critcally ill patients
Validation of a mathematical approach to predict transfusion requirement in surgical patients
Comparison between three blood-saving methods in total hip replacement: importance of restrictive transfusion criteria
Multistep improvement in transfusion management for primary elective prosthetic hip and knee surgery: 5-year single institution experience
Transfusions alternatives protocol in critical trauma patients: case mix description
Splanchnic perfusion during induced hypotension and ANH in spinal surgery
New technology of total intravenous anesthesia provides minimization of perioperative bleeding during neurooncological operations
Algorithm-based strategy for optimizing autologous blood donation (ABD) in hip and knee elective surgery: results of 4 year experience in 502 consecutive patients at a single Institution
Preoperative autologous blood donation: experience in our centre from January 2006 to November 2008
Our first 501 predeposit autologous donations in radical prostatectomy
Preoperative autologous blood donation (PABD) plus EPO in adolescents undergoing surgery for scoliosis
Intraoperative cell salvage in urological cancer surgery is safe without filtration—experience in 444 cases
Pilot of an adverse event reporting system for cell salvage incidents
Postoperative cell salvage data collection pilot study
Development of a UK intraoperative cell salvage education workbook
Preoperative anemia in patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery: prevalence, risk factors and influence on postoperative outcomes
Anemia, red blood cell transfusion and clinical outcomes in ICU patients
Recovery from postoperative anaemia in osteoporotic subcapital hip fractures within 1 month after surgery
Preliminary clinical evaluation of a continuous and noninvasive hemoglobin monitor (Masimo® pulse CO-oximeter) in surgical patients
A case of severe anemia due to postpartum hemorrhage managed without transfusion
Predeposit autologous blood donation (PABD) and presurgical EPO treatment in thalassemic patients
The normobaric oxygen paradox: a cheap and safe mean to increase Hb
Correlations between iron metabolism and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in ICU patients with long ICU stay
Anemia and hematinics in a preoperative autologous blood donation program
Higher dose in an ambulatory anaemia treatment program
Parenteral iron dextran therapy is effective in correcting anaemia in patients undergoing vascular intervention
Short-term tumor necrosis factor antagonist administration improves disease activity but not iron metabolism in patients with chronic inflammatory arthritis
Coagulation effect of perftoran in hematology patients: TEG analysis
Thromboelastometry in perioperative urologic oncology
Platelet mapping during cardiac surgery leads to changes in clinical use of platelet transfusion
Multiplate®: validation of the normal range in our local population
Assessment of platelet function: comparison of PlateletMappingTM with Multiplate® analysis
Impact of PlateletMapping service on surgical cancellation rate
Haemostatic changes during and after paediatric cardiac surgery
Spontaneous haematoma in a patient with haemophilia A and recent drug eluting stent implantation
Impact of temporary market withdrawal of aprotinin on the use of blood components and hemostatic agents in a cardiac surgical unit
Reduced transfusion rate with the introduction of symptom-based transfusion trigger and tranexamic acid in hip replacement surgery
Efficacy and long-term safety of a pasteurised nanofiltrated PCC (Beriplex® P/N)
Rehabilitation in hemophilic children with inhibitors using rFVIIa: case report
Biological glues based on fibrin for use in parotid tumour surgery
Autologous fibrin sealant CryoSeal FS system: performance and efficacy evaluation for use in surgical procedures
Intraoperative production and application of autologous platelet gel: a new point-of-care method
Fondaparinux—an alternative therapy for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia