Prevention of transfusion-transmitted cytomegalovirus infection
Inflammatory cytokines and their receptors in arterial and mixed venous blood before, during and after infusion of drained untreated blood
Evaluation of iron status of Finnish blood donors using serum transferrin receptor
A home blood transfusion programme for β-thalassaemia patients
The swirling phenomenon in stored platelets is influenced by their endogenous serotonin
Preanalytical requirements for flow cytometric evaluation of platelet activation: choice of anticoagulant
Use of a phycoerythrin-conjugated anti-glycophorin A monoclonal antibody as a double label to improve the accuracy of FMH quantification by flow cytometry
Fine specificities of murine anti-Mg monoclonal antibodies
Glycophorin A mutation Ala65 → Pro gives rise to a novel pair of MNS alleles ENEP (MNS39) and HAG (MNS41) and altered Wrb expression: direct evidence for GPA/band 3 interaction necessary for normal Wrb expression
Transfusion-related acute lung injury