Platelet and granulocyte glycoprotein polymorphisms
Seroprevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) among first-time and sporadic blood donors in Greece: 1991-1996
Predicting a donor's likelihood of donating within a preselected time interval
The 'transfusion trigger' in three large West of Scotland hospitals: medical staff questionnaire survey
Effect of premedication guidelines and leukoreduction on the rate of febrile nonhaemolytic platelet transfusion reactions
Platelet alloantigen frequencies in Amazon Indians and Brazilian blood donors
Antigen capture ELISA for platelet antibody detection: choice of conjugate influences assay result
Determination of red cell volume in infants needing blood transfusion
Murine monoclonal antibodies reactive with a human monoclonal anti-RhD antibody (BRAD-5)
Transfusion-associated graft versus host disease (TA-GVHD) in paediatric practice: two cases.
Hemoglobin replacement therapy with Hemolink™ in patients undergoing CABG in conjunction with intraoperative autologous donation (IAD)
Absence of transfusion-associated (TA) cytomegalovirus (CMV) disease in lowbirth weight infants (LBWI) with current blood transfusion (BT) practices
Hepatitis C (HVC) lookback in a paediatric setting
Blood collection and utilization in Canada over the last decade
Management of traceback and lookback investigations using an enhanced tracking database
The clinical consequence of TT virus (TTV) infection in thalassemia patients
Audits as a strategy to improve transfusion safety
Immunity to HCV: towards a new hyperimmune immunoglobulin
Lack of expression of the duffy B (FY*B) gene is not solely due to the gata-1 promoter region mutation
An in vitro chemiluminescent assay as a model to study the role of monocyte FcγR variants in IgG-dependent phagocytosis
Implementation of a PEG adsorption technique to adsorb autoantibodies
Perinatal management of a group OH (BOMBAY) patient
Anti-Aub, an uncommon antibody identified in a postnatal patient
Hemolytic transfusion reaction to anti-C
Acquired B antigen - still present in the laboratory
Providing for a patient who needs extremely rare blood
Generation of reticulated platelets in response to whole blood donation or plateletpheresis
Public perceptions and attitudes about transfusion safety and blood donation
Estimated risk of transfusion transmitted infection in the canadian blood supply (1987-1996)
Testing a 1988-1992 serum bank for hepatitis C
Compensation for transfused patients with hepatitis C. A hospital perspective
Lack of family physician does not predict for hepatitis C in blood donors
Recalls - a hospital perspective
Lookback investigation of blood donors confirmed positive for transmissible disease markers
Traceback investigation of recipients positive for transmissible disease markers
Development of a universal bacterial assay for detection of platelets contamination
Evaluation of Imagn 2000 for residual white blood cell detection in leukoreduced packed red cells requiring shipment or storage
Leukoreduction red cell filters: why do they clog?
Evaluation of methodology for transfusion medicine - Ottawa Hospital
Quality improvement through an effective non-conformance program, a case study
An effective non-conformance management program
ABO unit number labels: to use or not to use - do they pass QC?
Non-conformance management training for supervisors
Reporting utilization statistics to the blood supplier from a central transfusion registry
An on-line system to assess competency
Influence of nadir hemoglobin concentration [Hb] and red blood cell transfusion (RBCT) on mortality and morbidity in cardiac surgery
Study of cryoprecipitate utilization
A survey conducted at an academic health care centre on the utility of the CMAJ guidelines for the transfusion of red cells and plasma: are they useful and are they used?
Practice guidelines for fresh frozen plasma: are they effectively followed at Kingston General Hospital?
Hospital survey in Quebec for the utilization of plasma SD
Evaluation of clot formation in as-3 RBCs diluted with ringer's lactate
Transparency and accessibility principles in application at héma-québec
Annexins in cytomegalovirus infection
Biological activity of human monoclonal anti-Rh(D) antibodies in a NOD/scid mouse model
Platelets pre-sensitized with monoclonal antibodies to HLA prevent a secondary allo-immune response to subsequent untreated platelet infusions in HU-PBL-SCID mice
Update on the mechanisms of host immunity against allogeneic platelet transfusions
Storage temperature may alter platelet morphology and serotonin content: a role in non-hemolytic transfusion reactions?
Effects of intrinsic affinity on the relative reactivity of IgM and IgG blood group antibodies
Fusion power: new uses for albumin
Therapeutic levels of factor IX in hemophilic mice implanted with microcapsules: evidence of reversal of the clinical phenotype
Expression of apoptosis-regulatory genes in IL-6-dependent murine myeloma cells
Vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor 1 is a potent facilator of HIV infection
Modulation of apoptosis susceptibility and of related gene expression during continuous culture of human B cells
Apoptosis and necrosis in hybridoma cells are inhibited by bcl-xl
Telomere-independent gradual senescence of B lymphocytes during prolonged culture in the CD40 system
Development of an assay suitable for large scale PRNP M/V genotyping at codon 129
Hybridoma cell line-dependent increase of mAb productivity in perfusion over batch culture system
Identification of genes regulated by the cytokine interleukin-6 in hybridoma cells
Development of an IgA-specific ELISA for the screening of IgA-deficient blood donors
Bovine platelets have a second thrombin receptor
Incorporation of an asp-ser sequence to form an RGDS-like motif in hirutonin: the effect on in vitro platelet function
Binding of plasminogen and tissue plasminogen activator to plasmin-cleaved factors X and Xa
Development of an efficient monoclonal anti-IgG: peroxidase conjugate for the detection of human IgG.
Lyn levels and tyrosine phosphorylation in resting and primed neutrophils
Evaluation of memory B-cells growing capacity in the CD40-CD154 system
Human CD34+ cells isolated from bone marrow (BM), peripheral blood (PB), cord blood (CB) and thymus (Th) secrete CCR5 binding β-chemokines
Differential MMP and TIMP production by human marrow (BM) and blood (PB) CD34+ cells in response to chemokines
Evaluation of MMP and TIMP expression in the hematopoietic microenvironment (HME)
Proliferation of megakaryocyte progenitors in ex vivo cultures of cord blood hematopoietic cells
Ex vivo expansion of cord blood CD34-enriched cells in suspension cultures
Polyclonal expression of immunoglobulin genes in cultured human B-lymphocytes
Increased specificity of HIV antibody EIA following elution of natural low-affinity polyreactive antibodies
Recombinant human Fab fragments specific to the core protein of HCV
RhDVI and RhDVa variants are among the genotypes presenting as discrepant RhD phenotypes using commercial antisera
Clinical Transfusion Medicine.