Characterization of a novel hepatitis B virus mutant: demonstration of mutation‐induced hepatitis B virus surface antigen group specific ‘a’ determinant conformation change and its application in diagnostic assays
National audit of the blood transfusion process in the UK
The impact of a 10-year audit cycle on blood usage in a district general hospital
The risk of antibody formation against HNA1a and HNA1b granulocyte antigens during pregnancy and its relation to neonatal neutropenia
RHD sequencing: a new tool for decision making on transfusion therapy and provision of Rh prophylaxis
Interleukins 1β, 6, 8 and tumour necrosis factor α do not induce platelet activation
Six hundred reasons to donate blood
7th European Symposium on Platelet, Granulocyte and Red Cell Immunobiology, 11–14 April 2002, Lagio Maggiore, Italy