Platelet chemokines and their receptors: what is their relevance to platelet storage and transfusion practice?
HTLV antibody screening using mini-pools
Transfusion practice in Helsinki University Central Hospital: an analysis of diagnosis-related groups (DRG)
Measurement of blood volume after haemodilution with haemoglobin-based oxygen carriers by a radiolabelled-albumin method
Identification and quantification of anti-D, -C and -G in alloimmunized pregnant women
Epitope mapping of four novel CD44 monoclonal antibodies using surface plasmon resonance and soluble CD44
Massive haemolysis in a group A recipient of a group O peripheral blood stem cell allogeneic transplant
Autologous placental blood transfusion after a planned neonatal pacemaker implantation
Early acute hepatitis B infection and hepatitis B vaccination in blood donors
Blood Safety and Surveillance
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