Audit of red cell transfusion
The United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Scheme (Blood Transfusion Laboratory Practice): trends in proficiency and practice between 1985 and 2000
Monitoring transfusion practice — a computerized procedure
Platelet transfusion in the management of severe thrombocytopenia in neonatal intensive care unit patients
Common human leucocyte antigen haplotypes in Indians — its implications in finding unrelated compatible bone marrow donors
Analysis of human platelet antigen systems in a Moroccan Berber population
JAHK: a low frequency antigen associated with the rG complex of the Rh blood group system
Comparison of low ionic diluents for use with the Diamed antiglobulin gel test
Effectiveness of washed platelet concentrate and red cell transfusions for a patient with anhaptoglobinemia with antihaptoglobin antibody
Successful long-term erythrocytapheresis therapy in a patient with symptomatic sickle-cell disease using an arterio-venous fistula
Leukodepleted blood products: who really needs them?
Failed screen test audit
Perception of risk of blood transfusion: knowledge, group membership and perceived control
Transfusion Medicine 2002, 3rd meeting, 1 & 2 July 2002, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge