Study of five cell salvage machines in coronary artery surgery
Limited efficacy of universal leucodepletion in reducing the incidence of febrile nonhaemolytic reactions in red cell transfusions
National audit of citrate toxicity in plateletpheresis donors
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: detection of antiheparin/PF4 antibodies by means of heparin/PF4-coated beads and flow cytometry
Gene frequencies of human platelet antigens 1–5 in indigenous Australians in Western Australia
Structural characterization of the epitope recognized by the new anti-Fy6 monoclonal antibody NaM185-2C3
In vitro RBC exposure to Plasmodium falciparum has no effect on RBC antigen expression
Clinical significance of anti-G
Platelet chemokines
Platelet chemokines
Cytometric Analysis of Cell Phenotype and Function
Therapeutic Filtration and Extracorporeal Circulation, 19 July 2002, Hammersmith Hospital, London