Mannan-binding lectin and its role in innate immunity
Are changes in admission practices for elective surgery posing a transfusion threat to patients?
Intervention to promote appropriate blood use in India
Harvesting of CD34 antigen-expressing cells with a new programme for the collection of mononuclear cells with use of the Amicus (Baxter) blood cell separator
A modified Kleihauer technique for the quantification of foetomaternal haemorrhage
Outcome of consecutive pregnancies in a patient with Bombay (Oh) blood group
An unusual case of hyperkalaemia-induced cardiac arrest in a paediatric patient during transfusion of a ‘fresh’ 6-day-old blood unit
Transfusion-related acute lung injury
Limited efficacy of universal leucodepletion in reducing the incidence of febrile non-haemolytic reactions in red cell transfusion
Handbook of Transfusion Medicine, 3rd Edition
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