Survey of the implementation of the recommendations in the Health Services Circular 1998/224 ‘Better Blood Transfusion’
Tracing blood units to their recipients
Remuneration for blood donation and attitudes towards blood donation and receipt in Leeds
Possible mechanisms underlying development of transfusion-related acute lung injury
Human neutrophil antigen-4a gene frequencies in an Australian population, determined by a new polymerase chain reaction method using sequence-specific primers
Competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay of monoclonal immunoglobulin G anti-D preparations
The first example of anti-Diegob found in a Polish woman with the Di(a+b−) phenotype and haemolytic disease of the newborn not requiring treatment
Myocardial ischaemia precipitated by acute normovolaemic haemodilution
The impact of screening a platelet donor panel for human leucocyte antigen antibodies to reduce the risk of transfusion-related acute lung injury
E.S.F.H. 14th Congress of the Interdisciplinary European Society for Haemapheresis and Haemotherapy and National Congress of the Czech Society for Transfusion Medicine with co-operation of the Slovak Society of Haematology and Blood Transfusion