Nitric oxide and blood
Adjusted transfusion triggers improve transfusion practice in orthopaedic surgery
Blood transfusion and autologous donation
Is third party information true? Should blood donors be excluded because of it?
Pre-storage leucocyte depletion and transfusion reaction rates in cancer patients
Compliance with prophylactic platelet transfusion trigger in haematological patients
High frequency of partial DIIIa and DAR alleles found in sickle cell disease patients suggests increased risk of alloimmunization to RhD
ABO incompatibility due to immunoglobulin G anti-B antibodies presenting with severe fetal anaemia
Acute hepatitis B infection due to erythrocyte suspension obtained from ‘anti-HBc alone’ positive donor
Low-level hepatitis B viraemia
Intermittent HBV viraemia in an anti-HBc- and anti-HBs-positive blood donor
Referees 2003–2004
The Changing Landscape of Transfusion Medicine
What Has SHOT Told Us and What Are We Doing About It?
Tackling the Problem of Bacterial Contamination
Granulocyte Transfusion
Ethics and Apheresis
Platelet Transfusion - Back to Basics
Improving Platelet Transfusion
Regulatory Oversight of Blood, Tissues and Emerging Biological Therapies in Australia and New Zealand
Regulation of Blood Components - a Help or Hindrance to Good Clinical Practice?
The Role of the National Blood Authority
Clinical Governance and Transfusion
Blood Transfusion Prescribing Patterns Across the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Prothrombinex Use in Cardiac Surgery
Investigation of Intragam1 P Haemolysis Adverse Events
Acquired Factor XIII Deficiency Secondary to an Inhibitor
The Western Australian Experience with a Register of Atypical Antibodies
Refrigeration Failures - Bringing the Problem in from the Cold
Trial of Baxter 'Blood in Motion' Transport System
New Transport System for Maintaining Temperature of Blood Products in Emergency Situations
A Model for Isolated Area Emergency Donor Panels
Design and Delivery of a 'Donor-centric' Blood Collection Facility
A Proteomic Approach for Identifying Proteins that Accumulate During Storage of Red Cell Products
Response of Allogeneic Mononuclear Cells to Stored Red Cell Concentrates
Significant Differences in the Borna Virus p24 Region Between Nucleotide Sequences from Humans in Australia and Reference European Strains
Microbial Contamination in Cord Blood (CB)
RhD Prophylaxis in Australia
Rh(D) Immunoglobulin - Where Does it Come From?
Implementation of Antenatal Prophylaxis
RhD Antenatal Prophylaxis - The Pathology Laboratory Perspective
Rhesus Alloimmunisation
Bravo! The Rh Project Donor
Life Blood - Nurses at the Front Line of Transfusion Practice
Transfusion for Doctors
Ruth Sanger Oration ‘Life, Death and Oxygen: A Story of Science, Dogma, and Serendipity’
Varying Specificities of Several anti-Mi(a) Antibodies Purified by Affinity Chromatography on Peptides Representing the Mi(a) Antigen are not the same as an anti-Mi(a) Monoclonal Antibody
Molecular Characterization of FUT1(H) Gene in the Bombay Phenotypes Detected in India
The Quantitation of D Antigenic Sites in Partial D and Weak D Variants by Flowcytometry
Purification of RBC Agglutinating Antibodies by Affinity Chromatography on Peptides Representing Specific Variant MNS Antigens
Molecular Characterization of Partial D Variants in India
Fetal Loss Due to Anti-Hro in a Lady Having Rare Genotype of Rh (D− −/D− −)
Strict Specimen Labelling Criteria – A Safety Initiative Experience from a Hospital
Audit of Nurses- Adherence to Pre-transfusion Checking
Improving Hospital Transfusion Practice
Recidivism in Transfusion Quality Improvement
The Transfusion Medicine Team - A Hospital Perspective
Blood Matters - Translating Ideas Into Action
NSW Blood Transfusion Improvement Collaborative
BloodSafe - From Project to Practice in South Australia
Adhesion of Stored Red Blood Cells to Vascular Endothelium Increases with Duration of Product Storage and Leucocyte Burden
Testing for Homologous Blood Transfusion in Elite Athletes -RPAH AT ATHENS 2004
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Stem Cell Collection in a Patient with Cold Agglutinins
TRALI a Review
Implementation of a Quality System; Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice-Human Blood and Tissues
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