The need for a Blood Transfusion Service
Pall eBDS
Amotosalen photochemical inactivation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in human platelet concentrates
Knowledge, attitude and practice survey regarding blood donation in a Northwestern Chinese city
A study of the prevalence of iron deficiency and its related factors in blood donors of Yazd, Iran, 2003
Costs associated with blood transfusions in Sweden – the societal cost of autologous, allogeneic and perioperative RBC transfusion
A retrospective study evaluating single-unit red blood cell transfusions in reducing allogeneic blood exposure
Whole blood versus red cells and plasma for exchange transfusion in ABO haemolytic disease
The effect of continuous-flow automated plateletpheresis on fibrinolytic activity of donor plasma
Harvesting peripheral blood progenitor cells from healthy donors with a short course of recombinant human granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor
The genetic and phenotypic basis of blood group A subtypes in Koreans
Leucoreduction and variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease
The importance of work process mapping
SOP development and review
Cryobiology and the preservation of stem cells
Hema-Québec's experience in the development of a public cord blood bank
Unrelated stem cell transplantation
The Lifebank medical research donor program
Transfusion support of stem cell transplant patients
Adverse reactions in donors
Apheresis blood donation-The process
Therapeutic plasma exchange and stem cell apheresis
Formation des infirmieres en médecine transfusionnelle
Perioperative blood conservation
Blood conservation techniques in the perioperative period
Calgary health region's approach to blood conservation
Blood conservation-Transfusion triggers
Serological techniques
Advanced serological techniques-Case studies
Warm antibodies-The dread of most transfusion medicine technologists
Advanced serological techniques
CBS transport box validation
Capital health blood recycle program
Le projet de transport inter etablisements des produits sanquins (tips) de la province de Québec
Q: What's in the box? A: Depends on who you ask
What's going on inside the box? Depends on what's in there, how you packed it, what you packed it with and how long it's in there!
Microfluidic devices for cancer, infectious disease and pharmacogenetics
Buchanan award lecture
Buffy coat blood components
Overview of competency assessment of laboratory personnel
Alberta's MLT continuing competence program
Competence assessment program for transfusion medicine service personnel
Galactosylation of GPIbα by an externally active endogenous β4galactosyl tranferase prolongs platelet survival
From Nuremberg to Krever-The principles of informed consent
Informed consent
Informed consent for blood transfusion at Sick Kids
Mechanisms of action of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg)
The use of IVIg in solid organ transplantation
The use and misuse of IVIg in neurological diseases
Getting it right-S&W initiatives to decrease the risk of ABO errors
In the land of BSE
Bacterial detection in apheresis platelets
The use of a bacteria detection system to evaluate bacterial contamination in platelet concentrates
Meeting 5˙1˙5˙1 requirements in the transfusion laboraotry-Not that easy!
Biopreservation of blood cells
Cellular preservation in the dry state
Red blood cell cryopreservation in Canada
Platelet donor selection (PDS)
Platelet inventory management
Efficacy and safety of rFVIIa in severe trauma patients -NovoNordisc
Recombinant activated factor VII utilization framework
Malaria and other emerging blood-borne parasitic infections
International issues in transfusion medicine
Microvesicles derived from activated platelets enhance the invasive potential of breast cancer cells
Novel murine model of fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia demonstrates ivig ameliorates this disorder and downregulates pathogenic antibodies in both maternal and neonatal circulations
Rational screening and optimization of a cytokine cocktail for in vitro megakaryocyte maturation and platelet production
Increased transforming growth factors and prostaglandins characterizes cytokine production following Rh immune globulin prophylaxis
Mix and match plasma proteins
Platelet serotonin and bleeding
The use of surveillance data to guide optimal West Nile screening of the blood donor population-A novel approach
The blood donor screening questionnaire
Informing blood donors about abnormal test results… ongoing initiatives by Canadian Blood Services to improve process and outcome
Potential impact on Québec blood supply of excluding female parous plasma and platelet apheresis donors
Levels of ADAMTS-13 in fresh, stored and SDP treated plasma
Diagnosis of transfusion reactions (TR) in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
Improvements to an autologous blood program
Quality of components prepared from whole blood units by the PRP method after a hold of 24 hours at 20-24 °C
Detection of bacterial contamination
Traumatic and surgical bleeds
Efficient gene transfer into normal human B lymphocytes by Ad5/F35 chimeric adenoviral vectors
Establishment of transplantable preleukemic myeloid lines that can be converted into AML-inducing cells
Mesenchymal stem cells express homing receptors and tissue-specific markers
Design and validation of a small scale perfusion bioreactor suitable for the in vitro expansion of normal human cells
Peripheral and cord blood CD34+ cells express early markers for heart and muscle
Iron specific growth inhibition of Burkitt's lymphoma cells in vitro due to homeostasis disruption by c-myc over-expression
Decrease of cyclin a expression triggers iron specific growth inhibition of Burkitt's lymphoma cells in vitro
Phosphatidylserine distribution is highly sensitive to paraformaldehyde in platelets
Priming of CD34+ stem/progenitor cell responsiveness to an SDF-1 gradient as a potential means for improving engraftment
Increased megakaryopoiesis in cultures of CD34-enriched cord blood cells maintained at 39 °C
Reactive oxygen species promote polyploidization of the megakaryocytic cell line M-07e
Increased phagocytosis inhibitory activity of IVIg following immune cross-linking of IgG
High polyspecificity of autoantibodies present in intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIg)
Thrombin enhances herpes simplex infection
Preparation and characterization of human thrombin for use in a fibrin glue
Regionalization of budgets for blood products in Québec, 2003-2005
Implementation of a national inventory at CBS
Canadian Blood Services (CBS) blood issues-Using the CBS data warehouse to provide information to improve practices
Requests for phenotyped red blood cells received by Canadian Blood Services, Toronto regional office
Blood, sweat and tears
Development of an on-line hospital blood inventory month-end data collection and reporting system
Survey results from 26 hospitals using a new on-line hospital blood inventory month-end data collection and reporting system
Transfusion medicine laboratory - Vancouver Island Health Authority-South
Interhospital shipping box-Ice pack storage temperature validation study phase I
A six sigma approach to investigating above average platelet outdates at a specific clinic known as “clinic a”
Characterization of UBMDR donors
Welcoming back a dedicated group of donors
More molecular typing of blood groups
Process improvement team (PIT) used to develop bedside containers for use at mobile blood donor clinics in the region of central Ontario
Validation of an in-house NAT assay for the detection of West Nile virus in tissue donor blood
Bacterial contamination of CBS apheresis platelets
Validation of a digital pH meter for bacterial detection testing of platelet concentrates
Causes of discordant results in transfusion medicine external quality assessment (EQA) surveys
Effectiveness of a network1 of Ontario transfusion coordinators
Manitoba Hepatitis C blood recipient notification project
Adverse transfusion reactions reported to the national surveillance system in Canada, 2001-2003
Results of adverse event reporting using MERS-TM in a multi-site transfusion service
Manitoba adverse event reporting system (AERS)
West Nile virus reporting between public health and Canadian Blood Services… Improving blood safety through more closely integrated surveillance
Using anonymized data linkage to advance state-of-the-art surveillance of Canada's blood system
The Québec hemovigilance committee
Transfusion specimen collection errors in Nova Scotia
A web-based competency assessment program for transfusion medicine (eCAS-TMT)
Introducing automation to a transfusion medicine department
A standard operating procedure for the validation and evaluation of the ProVue automated MTS gel test system
Taking the Ortho ProVue™ to the next step
Comparison of the tube method to the ID-MTS gel and Diamed gel technique for direct antiglobulin testing
Comparison of identical automated technology
Supporting a massively transfused trauma case with blood product when blood group is unknown
New cause of ABO discrepancy
Systematic review of the effectiveness of FFP and coagulation factor concentrates in reversing oral anticoagulants
Therapy of TTP
Platelet aggregation independent of von Willebrand factor and fibrinogen
Recombinant FVIIa use by the QEII health sciences centre
The effect of patient controlled analgesia on co-administrated filtered packed red cells
Questionnaire to assess knowledge of transfusion practice in a community hospital
Preadmission testing practices for elective surgical procedures
Paediatric transfusion
Paediatric transfusion practices
Novel method for screening for the presence of Hb S