Background to Testing Deceased Tissue Donors for Variant CJD
Obtaining a Suitable Analyte from Deceased Tissue Donors for a Potential vCJD Test
Obtaining Lawful Consent for Donation After Death
Tissue Retrieval and Processing Initiatives to Reduce the Risk of vCJD Transmission
Evidence Base for Transfusion
Standing Advisory Committee on Blood Components (SACBC)
The Standing Advisory Committee on Care and Selection of Donors
The Role of the JPAC Standing Advisory Committee on IT (SACIT)
Peptide Therapy Suppresses the Adverse Immune Response to Red Cells
Protein Microarrays for Blood Typing and Testing
High-Throughput Genotyping for Red Cell and Platelet Blood Group Antigens by DNA Micro Arrays
Blood Transfusion and Hemorrhage
Protein Misfolding Cyclic Amplification of Disease-Associated Prion Protein Using Human Autopsy Tissues
Analysing Platelet Function in Blood Donors
Effects of Hypoxia on the Proliferation and Differentiation Potential of Human Cord Blood- and Bone Marrow-Derived Stem/Progenitor Cells
Endolyn (CD164) Modulates the CXCL12-Mediated Migration of Umbilical Cord Blood CD133+ and Jurkat T Cells
Lymphocyte Subsets Following Autologous Transfer of CD25 Depleted Leukapheresis Products
Noninvasive MRI Monitoring of Engraftment of Cultured Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell into the Damaged Heart
Stripped Red Cells–Efforts to Eliminate A and B Antigens from the Blood Supply
Operational Evaluation of a Prion Reduction Device
Standardising the Red Cell Dose
Tissues – From Banking to Engineering
What Diseases Should We Test For and Which Ones Should We Not Test For
Progress in vCJD Screening for Blood and Cadaveric Donors
NAT or Not to NAT – This is the Dilemma?
The BBTS Specialist Certificate in Transfusion Science Practice
Post Registration Training
The BSHI Diploma in Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Training Scheme
Assessment of Bleeding in Patients with Haematological Malignancies and the Association between Platelet Count and Bleeding
Quality Improvements on Transfusion Practice. The Role of a National Blood Use Reporting System
The Capillary Haemoglobin Level is a More Physiological Measure than the Venous Level and is Less Susceptible to Seasonal Fluctuation When the Donor Haemoglobin Level is Close to the Regulatory Cut-Off
Interactive Modelling of the Impact a Flu Pandemic may have on Blood Supplies (on behalf of the NHSBT Emergency Planning Group)
Substantial Reductions in Blood Product Usage Achieved Through a Multi-Discplinary Approach
Can the GP Assist in Donor Selection ?
Protective Effect of HLA-B57 on HCV Genotype 2 Infection in a West African Population
Screening and Characterisation of Novel Platelet Candidate Genes Derived from Genome-Wide Association Studies for Function in Relation to Haemostasis and Thrombosis in the Model Organism Danio Rerio
Gene Expression Profiling of Platelet RNA Identifies Differentially Expressed Genes Associated with Collagen Signalling Responses
Recombinant Mini-β3 Integrin Fragments for the Detection of HPA Antibodies
In Vitro Evaluation of Platelet Concentrates Prepared Using the Automated Gambro OrbiSac System
The Use of the MAIEA Assay for Solving Serological Problems and Identifying Novel Blood Group Antigens
What is an Acceptable Donor?
The Naughties–Recruiting Donors in the Decade of Donor Deferrals
Serious Adverse Events of Blood Donation
Management of Anaemia in MDS
Implications and Management of Iron Overload in Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Anaemia and Heart Failure
Blood Group Antigen Typing Using DNA Microarray BeadChips™–First UK Report
The Development of a Microarray for Direct Antiglobulin Testing
Two Novel D Genes of the Rh Blood Group System Producing D Variant Phenotypes
Characterisation of Membrane Proteins on Vesicles from Normal Red Cells and on Red Cells of Patients with Membranopathy
West of Scotland Blood Centre Audit of Hospital Compliance with Traceability Arrangements for Cross-Matched Blood
Conflicting Direct Antiglobulin Test Results when Investigating a Delayed Haemolytic Transfusion Reaction
Use of the DiaMed Impact R to Test Platelet Function in Stored Platelet Concentrates
Inherent Variation in Donor Platelet Reactivity Contributes to the Quality of Apheresis Platelets
The Effect of Apheresis on the Donors' Platelets
In Vitro Evaluation of Buffy Coat Derived Platelet Concentrates in SSP+ Platelet Storage Medium
Distribution and Significance of High Titre Anti A and Anti B in a UK Blood Donor Population
Use of Intraoperative Red Cell Salvage During Elective Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair is Safe and Associated with Reduced Need for Allogeneic Blood Transfusion.
Reduction of Allogeneic Red Cell Transfusion using Autologous Blood Cell Salvage in Knee Arthroplasty
Role of a National Cell Salvage Co-ordinator
Intra-operative Cell Salvage in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair in the South West Region
Transfusion-Related Cost of Aprotinin in Scoliosis Surgery for Children and Adolescents.
A Trial of Preoperative IV Iron Sucrose (Venofer) Supplementation in Patients with Iron Deficiency Anaemia Undergoing Hip Arthroplasty at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital
An Audit of Fresh Frozen Plasma Transfusion Use in the Royal Hospitals Trust (RGHT)
A ‘Blood Transfusion Passport’
Hereditary Persistence of Fetal Haemoglobin Leading to Inappropriate Anti-D Prophylaxis at Delivery
Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) or Other Acute Lung Injury (ALI)?
What is the Best Way to Achieve Sustained Changes in Transfusion Prescribing Behaviour by Physicians?
Bedside Practice of Blood Transfusion - Where is the Evidence?
Which Patients Receive Platelets Transfusions in the South West Region and Why?
Appropriateness of Red Cell Transfusion in Medical patients
Surgical Performance Benchmarking - Results from the Pilot Study
Therapeutic Efficacy of Plasmapheresis for the Treatment of Refractory Pruritis of Primary Billiary Cirrhosis
Immunohematologic Monitoring and Blood Component Support in a Major ABO Mismatch Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant Recipient
Recurrent Hyperhaemolysis
Use of Allogenic Blood in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
Overnight Transfusions Expose Patients to Unnecessary Risk and Seldom Facilitate Next Day Discharge
Learnbloodtransfusion E-Learning - Offering a Flexible Resource for Transfusion Training in England and North Wales
Gathering evidence for BCSH FMH guidelines - counting controversies in FMH
Storage Study Of Red Blood Cells Treated With The Macopharma P-CAPT™ Prion Removal Filter.
Macopharma Prion Capture (P-CAPT™) Filter Removes Brain-Derived Prion In Leucoreduced Human RBC
Removal of the Endogenous TSE Infectivity From Blood Using PRDT TSE Affinity Resin And Integration Of The Resin Into The Macopharma P-CAPT™ Filter
Mixed-Type Autoimmune Haemolytic Anemia (AIHA)
Column Agglutination DAT - the Top and Bottom of it.
Transfusion of Incompatible Units to a Patient with Anti-U
Management of Pregnancy Complicated by Anti-hrB and/or Anti-HrB.
Two Cases of Anti-D in DAR Individuals
A Novel RhD Variant
Molecular and Serologic Characterization of RhD Status
An Acute Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction Due to Anti-Wra Antibodies.
The Second Example of LU
A Novel Variant in the Ok Blood Group System
Anti-Cra, Pegnancy and Transfusion Support
A Simple Test for the Differential of Maternal and Fetal Bloods
Extension of the Hospital Transfusion Team to Include a Transfusion Auditor Improves the Quality of Clinical Transfusion Medicine Whilst Proving Self-funding in Our Organisation.
Review of Hospital Transfusion Committee Membership and Attendance in the West Midlands
Sharing Information Via a Regional Web Site
Inherited Familial Thrombocytopenia due to an Autosomal Dominant Mutation in the Cytoplasmic Domain of Platelet β3-Integrin that is Associated with the Expression of Activation-Dependent Epitopes
Molecular Characterisation of the Variable Domains of an αIIbβ3 Specific IgM κ Platelet Cold Agglutinin in a Follicular Lymphoma Patient with Treatment Refractory Thrombocytopenia
First UK Report of a Case of Glycoprotein VI Deficiency in a 33-Year-Old Patient with Moderate Thrombocytopenia and Autoantibodies Against the Immunoglobulin-Like Domains of the Receptor
Novel Activatory and Inhibitory Platelet Receptors Identified Through Comparative Gene Expression Profiling of Megakaryocytes and Erythroblasts
Variation in the Ex Vivo Response to LPS Stimulation in Healthy Volunteers
Characteristics of HLA Class I and Class II Antigens of the Somali Population
Electron Microscopical Localisation of CD61 (Beta3 Integrin) on Placental Syncytiotrophoblast Microvilli
Production and Characterisation of Monoclonal Antibodies Against Human Platelet Prion Protein
The Management of Blood Samples to be Used in Assessing Tests for vCJD in Donor Blood.
Platelet Screening by Bactalert Prior to Issue - Limited Sensitivity Revealed by Residual Rate of Contamination in Outdated Screened Units.
How Many Donors with Transfusion Microbiology False Positive Results Return to Give Samples for Re-entry.
The Novel Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Nilotinib is Equipotent with Imatinib and Does Not Induce Apoptosis in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Stem Cells
Involvement of CD9 in Erythroid Progenitor Cell Apoptosis
Irradiated Skin Allografts
Producing a Safer Bone Allograft by Procesing Single Femoral Heads
Processing of Whole Femoral Head Allografts
Stem Cell and Immunotherapy Services, NHS Blood and Transplant, Birmingham, UK
NHS Cord Blood Bank
National Blood Service Directed Sibling Cord Blood Banking for Transplantation
The UK Blood Service/Wellcome Trust Control Collection