BCSH guideline for blood grouping and antibody testing in pregnancy, June 2006
Guideline for blood grouping and antibody testing in pregnancy
Human erythrovirus B19 and blood transfusion – an update
Recruitment of prospective donors
Efficacy of cell saver in reducing homologous blood transfusions during OPCAB surgery
Red cell damage after pumping by two infusion control devices (Arcomed VP 7000 and IVAC 572)
Extended storage of granulocyte concentrates mobilized by G-CSF with/without dexamethasone and collected by bag separation method
Is increased mortality associated with post-operative infections after leukocytes containing red blood cell transfusions in cardiac surgery? An extended analysis
An acute haemolytic transfusion reaction caused by anti-Wra
Changing indications for red cell transfusion
Reply to Ballard et al.
Quality differences between solvent/detergent plasmas and fresh-frozen plasma
Reply to Svae et al.
Phage-derived monoclonal anti-Lua
Recombinant Duffy blood group proteins for the detection of anti-Fy antibodies
Evaluation of 7 days old leukoreduced platelets prepared from overnight-stored blood donations
A case of transfusion transmitted peanut allergy
Screening of anti-HBc reactive blood donors with an in-house HBV NAT assay
Results of anti-HBc screening of blood donors at Canadian Blood Services
In vitro assessment of platelet concentrates produced using the buffy coat production process
Bacterial detection in buffy coat platelets in Canada
Standardization of weak D testing for maternal samples in the western Canada Prenatal Laboratories of Canadian Blood Services
A retrospective audit of red cell orders and transfusions in a level 1 trauma centre
Use of a proteomic approach (LC-MS) to characterize the autoimmune complexes formed in human serum by intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIg)
Chemical modification of IVIg and anti-RhD increases their efficacy to inhibit Fc receptor mediated phagocytosis in vitro
Cytokines do not contribute to the therapeutic effects of IVIg and anti-red cell antibodies in a mouse model of ITP
Identification of the IgG fraction and cellular target responsible for the effects of IVIg on human B lymphocytes
Partial correction of hemophilia A phenotype in mice implanted with microencapsulated endothelial cells
Oral delivery of chitosan/DNA nanoparticles for the treatment of hemophilia A
Efficacity of HLA-matched versus non-HLA-matched platelets in refractory patients
Platelet refractoriness in patients requiring intensive platelet support
Assessment of an electronic questionnaire for donor screening
Adverse hemolytic transfusion complications associated with intravenous immune globulin (IVIG)
Blood bag and blood set incompatibility; problems and solutions
Epidemiology of transfusion related acute lung injury in GIFIT, the French hemovigilance database. A study of the French hemovigilance network
New tricks for an old dog
Application of the ADVIA 120 CSF assay to residual cell counts in blood products
Portable dynamic light scattering instrument for platelet testing
Frequent generation of high amounts of kinins during preparation and storage of platelet concentrates
How stem cells mobilize to blood
How stem cells home to bone marrow
A retrospective audit looking at the effectiveness of implementing a Master Blood Order Surgical Schedule
Improvement opportunities in a Transfusion Service using value-added analysis and value stream mapping
A blood donor program for research and development at Hema-Quebec
Intravenous immune globulin (IVIG)
c-Myc over-expression of Ramos Burkitt's lymphoma cell line predisposes to oxidative stress and to free radicals induced damages in vitro
Department of National Defense (DND)-Canadian Blood Services (CBS) Joint Initiative
Incidence of adverse transfusion events (ATEs) reported to the Canadian Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System (TTISS), 2002--2004
Evaluation of automation for a multi-site transfusion medicine service
The implementation of electronic crossmatch in a multi-site facility
Process validation
Optimization of a cytokine cocktail for the expansion of cord blood stem cells toward the ex vivo production of platelets
Maintenance of megakaryocyte differentiation potential in expanded cord blood CD34+ cells
Quality assurance audit of red blood cell units stored temporarily outside the blood bank
Reducing the filtration pressure improves leukoreduction efficacy of RBC units prepared after an overnight hold using the PRP method
Long term storage stability of 0–8% cells prepared in MTS Diluent 2™ versus MTS Diluent 2 Plus™
Oscillation of GPIIb/IIIa surface expression in platelets, a novel measure of stress
l'Association Professionnelle des Chargés de Sécurité Transfusion-nelle du Quebec (APCSTQ)
Notification des receveurs lors de retraits de produits sanguins
Predictors of red cell transfusion in medically ill patients
Survey of red blood cell transfusion practices in medically ill patients
Platelet inventory and ABO specificity post-buffy coat implementation
Safety of extended infusion times for 5% albumin and intravenous immune globulin (Iveegam) in a paediatric hospital
Utilization ofhuman B cell linesasmodelstofurther characterize the intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg)-dependent modulation of peripheral B cells in autoimmune diseases
Design and delivery of customer service to multi-site laboratories
Blood transfusion practice certification
Comparison of two methods for platelet bacterial detection
ECi implementation -- reducing greyzone results for hepatitis and HIV testing
Protracted neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia possibly worsened by transfusion of unwashed maternal platelets
CD40 hyporesponsiveness of CD5+ human B cells
Validation of pH as a method to detect bacterial contamination in platelet concentrates
Épargne sanguine aux soins intensifs
Development of a transport box without dry ice for shipment of frozen plasma units to hospitals
Evaluation of a plastic container to reduce breakage of plasmapheresis bags during storage and shipment
A provincial solution to quality management
A standardized provincial transfusion medicine operations manual
Bidirectional interface on multiple automated devices
Retrospective analysis of platelet dosage and its effect on platelet increment
Evaluation of the new Compocool II cooling system for transport and storage of whole blood donations
Les réserves de sang en 1940
Induction of polyploidization in B-cell derived lymphoma cell lines by the Src family kinases inhibitor SU6656
Comparison of washed red blood cell program vs. supernatant reduced program
The impact of blood phenotype protection for women of child-bearing potential in the Transfusion Service Laboratory
Identification of particulate matter in frozen plasma thawed at the point of use as cryoprecipitate
Development of the Manitoba blood and blood components inventory management system
Using a qualitative research approach to explore the meaning of permanent deferral for blood donors
In vitro assessment of SAGM RBC produced using the buffy coat production process
Bacterial testing of platelets using a Clinitek Status® urine analyzer
Aspects of ex vivo megakaryopoiesis kinetic modeling
Evaluation of perinatal anti-D in the era of Rh immune globulin prophylaxis
Regional process for transfusion related acute lung injury (TRALI) investigation and reporting
Continuing education program in immunohematology for medical technologists at Héma-Québec
Genotyping assays for Lu, Di, Co, HPA-1, HPA-3 and HPA-15
Study to examine the variation of ABO/Rh testing of cord samples between two Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Programs
Platelet viability in transfer packs of buffy coat or apheresis units
An analysis of the Canadian Transfusion List
Donor selection criteria
Donor selection criteria
Identification of the mechanisms responsible for the increased megakaryopoiesis at 39 °C
Intravenous immunoglobulin utilization in the Atlantic provinces
Evaluationofthe Optimix Plus blood mixer (Baxter Corp.) for blood donor collection
Validation of an alternate incubation time for ID-Micro Typing System
A national hospital customer feedback database -- preliminary results
Analysis of non-routine blood delivery requests
Use of in-house WNV NAT assay for confirmatory test of WNV positive blood donations identified in routine blood screening
Managing blood product emergencies in a consolidated blood centre
A major product withdrawal
Testing of WNV in tissue donor blood using in-house WNV NAT assay
Validation testing for pH testing of platelets as a surrogate test for bacterial detection
Blood bank automation facilitates optimization of technologist time G. Stratton
Development of a provincial blood component/blood product contingency plan in Nova Scotia
Increased splicing of XBP-1 in CD40--- activated human B cells correlates with their commitment to plasma cells
Pediatric platelet transfusion post-buffy coat implementation
Is routine screening in the blood bank for fetal maternal hemorrhage of value in the prevention of Rh alloimmunization?
A new mutation in RHD
Retrospective analysis of plasma dosage and its effect on coagulation variables
Evaluation of the first 2.5 years of suspected transfusion transmissible infection report ability in British Columbia