Is There a Right to Donate Blood? Patient Rights; Donor Responsibilities
Blood Donation in a Changing World
Cartoons and Caricatures in Science and Medicine
Do We Really Understand Immune Red Cell Destruction?
Quality of Red Cells for Exchange Transfusion and Their Re-Manufacture into Red Cells in SAG-M M
In vitro Reconstruction of Microvascular Networks in a Tissue Engineered Skin Equivalent
Best Practice in Blood Inventory Management
Developments in Cord Blood Usage at The NHS Cord Blood Bank
Analysis of the Total Nucleated Cell Count of Cord Blood Units Transplanted over Time
The Effect of Stock Holding One Platelet Dose on Wastage and Cost in a District General Hospital
Immune Mechanisms in ITP
Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Granulocyte Transfusion in 2007
Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP)
Processing and Testing
Testing for Prions
Blood Centre of the Future
Back to the Future
Transfusion Microbiology
Bone Marrow Transplantation
Development of Novel Tissue Grafts within NBS Tissue Services (NHSBT)
Managing the Risks of Transmission of vCJD
International Collaboration to Harmonise Standards for Cell Therapy Accreditation
The “Combined Cell Index” (CCI) - A New Insight into the Iron Status of Blood Donors
In vitro Amplification and Detection of Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease PrPsc
Changes in Blood Inventory Management Practice 2001--2006
In vitro Assessment of Platelet Function in Platelet Concentrates (PC) Treated Using the Theraflex UV Pathogen Reduction System
The Use of the Sysmex SE2100 Haematology Analyser to Quickly Predict the Mobilisation of Peripheral Blood Stem Cells for Transplant
The Effect of Storing Whole Blood for 24 hours at 4oC or Ambient Temperature, With and Without Rapid Cooling, on the Quality of Red Cell Concentrates and Fresh Frozen Plasma
Bags Packed, Ready to Flow
British Blood Transfusion Society (BBTS) Specialist Certificate in Transfusion -- Education Modules for Nurses and Transfusion Practitioners
Care Bundles
‘Safe in Our Hands’, The Development of a Training Resource
National Occupational Standards in Healthcare Science
Career Development
Agenda for Change
Bag and Tag
POTS - Why, What, How, Where, When?
An Electronic Blood Transfusion System Reduces the Number of Inadequately Labelled Transfusion Samples
Preoperative Oral Haematinics in Elective Orthopaedic Surgery
Competency Assessments For Medical Staff -- Is There a Solution?
A Regional Implementation Toolkit for the National Patient Safety Agency Safer Practice Notice
The Use of DNA in Blood Grouping
Antigen Engineering
A Monitoring Approach on Gene Expression to Understand the Clinical Impact of Transfusion and Disease
Using RFID in the Blood Supply Chain
Blood Transfusion Epidemiology
Better Blood Transfusion 3
Monoclonal Antibodies -- 25 Years On
Future Directions in Plasma Fractionation
(Almost) Twenty Five Years of Transfusion -- Transmitted Infection
Recent Advances in Blood Component Processing
Formula Replacement with Blood Products in the Treatment of Massively Bleeding Patients
Pharmacological Interventions in Major Haemorrhage
Expanding the Role of IT in Donor Recruitment
Donor Exclusions -- How Much a Threat?
Evaluation of the Diagast QWALYS® II Using EM® Technology for Blood Group Serology
Rhesus Blood Grouping Using Multiplex Protein Microarrays
Anti-Rh D and Anti-I Activities are Inseparable in V4–34-Encoded Monoclonal Anti-Rh D
Two Novel RhD Variants Caused by Triplet Deletions in the RhD Gene
Comparison of Quantification of Anti-D in Antenatal Sera by Flow Cytometry and Autoanalyser
Fetal RHD Screening in D-Negative Pregnant Women to Reduce the Use of Anti-D Immunoglobulin
Evaluation of Prion Reduction Filtration of Red Cells Using a Macopharma System
Quality of Blood Components Produced Using the Gambro BCT Atreus 2C + System from Whole Blood Held With or Without Active Cooling
Operational Evaluation of the Macopharma P-Capt Prion Reduction Filter
Socio-Demographic Profile and Motivations of Philippine Heart Center Blood Donors
A Follow-Up on a Cohort of Blood Donors First Examined in 1998
Antibodies Detected in Blood Donors in the West Midlands Region
UK Blood Services Use of Postage Meter Marks over the Past 25 Years - Perhaps a Marketing Opportunity Missed!
Routine Blood Counting in Donors
Routine Blood Counting in Donors
Transient Suppression of the AnWj Antigen in a Post-BMT Patient
Is the Recommended Minimum Dose of Anti-D Adequate Considering the Rise in Obesity?
Molecular and Serologic Characterization of RhD Status
Incidence of Direct Antiglobulin Test Positive in the South and Mid Wales Donor Population
Evaluation of the Diagast Freelys Nano EM® Technology for Blood Grouping, Phenotyping and Antibody Screening
Auto Anti-Wrb Implicated in a Severe Haemolytic Transfusion Episode
The Provision of Blood for a Surgical Case with Anti-Coa and Anti-Doa
Stimulation of Anti-D in Pregnancy by a Weak D Type 3 Foetus
Production of Recombinant Human Anti-D IgM Antibodies and V4–34 Framework 1 Mutants in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells
A Case of Anti-Era in Pregnancy
Four RhD Variants Caused by Novel RhD Mutations
Antibody Screening by Protein Microarray
An Unusual Rh Haplotype Encoding VS and V Together with C, but not c
A Novel Kell-null Gene Found in a Family with Apparent Abnormal Kell Inheritance
Application of Bi-Allelic Short Insertion/Deletion Polymorphisms as a Positive Internal Control for Non-Invasive Prenatal Blood Group Genotyping
The Effect of Maternal Alloimmunisation due to Pregnancy or Transfusion on the Outcome of Pregnancy
The Operations Assurance Initiative Was Set Up to Improve the Closure Rate of Adverse Events Across the National Blood Service. The Aim Being to Achieve a Target of Zero Overdue Events
Workforce Modernisation and Agenda for Change
Analysis of HPA-1a Antigen-Antibody Interaction by Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology
WBS Strategy for Recruiting HPA-1a Donors for Apheresis
Serious Adverse Reaction to Transfusion with Apheresis Platelets Contaminated with Streptococcus bovis
Malaria Antibody Testing
Centralisation of the Handling of Transfusion Microbiology Reference Reports for Blood and Tissue Donors in the NBS
The Experience of the 37th Military Hospital Blood Transfusion Centre, Ghana, of Pre-Donation Microbiology Screening
Informed Consent for the Storage and Processing of Stem Cells - Re-Audit
Introduction of Mini Consent Process for the Collection of Cord Blood Following Implementation of EU Directive 2004/23/EC
Cord Units Excluded from the NHS Cord Bank for Medical Reasons
Does Ethnicity Affect Cell Dose in Cord Blood Donation?
Validation and Comparison of the SEPAX 540 Kit with the 530 Kit Used to Volume Reduce Cord Blood Units
Volume and Red Blood Cell Reduction of Paediatric Bone Marrow Using a Biosafe SEPAX Device
Increasing the Public Awareness of the NHS Cord Blood Bank
Using Audit and Education to Change Clinical Practice
Biomedical Scientist or Detective?
Hospital Staff Knowledge and Skills About Standard Guidelines for Administering Blood and Blood Components in Aligoodarz, a Western City of Iran, Spring of 2007
Implementation of Nice Recommendation for Routine Antenatal Anti-D Prophylaxis
Achieving the Appropriate Use of Red Cells
An Undesirable Passenger. Delayed Immune Haemolysis due to Passenger Lymphocyte Syndrome in Minor ABO Mismatch Liver Transplant Patient
Supporting an Increased Use of Intra-Operative Cell Salvage in the UK
Written Informed Consent for Transfusion Introduced Within the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust Following Results of a Transfusion Documentation Audit
What Happens to Your Cross-Matched Blood When it Leaves the Laboratory?
EU Optimal Blood Use Project
An Audit of a New Emergency Delivery Process and the Deliveries Made
Development of a Standard UK Label for Washed Cell Salvage Blood
Drugs and Blood Transfusions
How Often Should a Red Blood Cell Administration Set be Changed While a Patient is Being Transfused?
Gamma Irradiation of Blood Components for the Prevention of TA-GvHD - Right Component to Right Patient Survey
Struggle to Achieve Blood Traceability Compliance with a Paper System in a Large Teaching Hospital
Blood Transfusion Administration? 1 or 2 Person Checks? Which is the Safest Method?
Management of Anaemia in Pre-Assessment Clinics
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
The West Midlands Regional Transfusion Committee Audit of Pre-Operative Assessment Clinics and the Development of Regional Guidelines for the Management of Anaemia Pre-Operatively
Routine Antenatal Anti-D Prophylaxis (RAADP) An Unusual Phenomenon?
Variation in Transfusion Practice? Comparisons Between BGS Reading Delegates and the UK and USA
Transfusion Practice in Hip Replacement Surgery -- 2007 National Audit Findings
Potential Workload Implications and Feasibility of Introducing an Obstetric Cell Salvage Service
Changing Practice by Stamping Your Foot!
The Implementation of an Electronic Blood Tracking System -- The Training Experience
Engaging Patients and the Public in Blood Transfusion
Help -- We're Being Inspected!
Defining the Role of the Transfusion Practitioner
A Retrospective Audit to Determine Appropriate Use of Platelets and Red Cells in a Large Haematology Unit
A Prospective of Audit of Coagulopathy in 29 UK Adult Intensive Care Units
Red Cell Transfusion for Medical Anaemia - Time to Review Practice?
Demographic and Epidemiological Determainants of Transfusion Requirements in Scotland