The Impact of Regulation on Blood Establishments
The Role of the Regulator
The Hospital View
Genome Wide Association Meets Systems Biology Discovering Genes Implicated in the Common Diseases
Genetic Defects Affecting the Red Cell Surface
Transfusion-induced Autoantibodies and Differential Immunogenicity of Blood Group Antigens
Problems with RhD
Molecular D Typing and Terminology
Rh D Genotyping Using Microarrays
Consensus and Controversies in Platelet Transfusion
Platelet use in Patients with Haematological Malignancies
vCJD – Facts Replace the Fiction. The French View
The Creation of the TAF Panel of Samples to be Used in Assessing Tests for vCJD in Donor Blood
Dilemmas in Testing Deceased Tissue Donors for vCJD
Molecular Genetic Studies of Blood Groups Provide Insight into Disease Associations
Round and Round in Circles
Update on TRALI
Febrile Reactions
Guidelines for the Investigation and Management of Acute Non-haemolytic Transfusion Reactions
The Road to Delivery of Human Embryo Stem Cell Derived Therapies
Cell Therapy Research in the SNBTS
Cell Therapy Research in NHSBT
Nurse Prescribing
Specialist Certificate in Transfusion – Nursing/Transfusion Practitioner Pilot Course
Should Nurses Prescribe Blood
Using Psychological Theory to Explore Determinants of Clinicians' Transfusion Practice
Methylene Blue-Photoinactivated Plasma (MBPIP)
Solvent Detergent FFP
Apheresis Red Cells – The Future
Red Cell Membrane
Career Pathways for Scientists
Study of Rhnull
Platelets in Apheresis and Buffy Coat Derived Platelet Concentrates Show Variable In Vitro Quality
HPA Typing of Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia Patients Using Whole Genome Amplified Dna and a 5′-Nuclease Assay
Characterisation of Cord Blood T Regulatory Cells
To Transfuse or Not to Transfuse? What are the Factors that Matter?
National Comparative Audit of Overnight Red Blood Cell Transfusion
Is the Use of AB Fresh Frozen Plasma Appropriate in S Wales?
Blood loss from Phlebotomy in Renal Medical In-Patients
A Review of Clinical Transfusion Practice in a Ugandan Hospital
Stock Holding Platelets in a District General Hospital
Cell Salvage Should be Used in All Cases of Paediatric Scoliosis Surgery
Therapeutic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Different Sources for Cardiac Repair
The JAL(RH48) Antigen in Black and Caucasian Individuals
Significant Increases in the Banking and Transplantation of Designated Cord Blood Units for Haematological Diseases from Related Donors
HLA Profile and TNC and CD34 Content of the NHS Cord Blood Collected and Issued Units
Comparative Analysis of Cord Blood Processing with and without the Use of Hydroxyethyl Starch
The Identification of Anti-VS (Rh20) by a Series of Coincidences
Donors with Haemochromatosis – The Edinburgh Experience
Microarray-Based Identification of Staphylococcus spp.
Effect of X-ray Irradiation on Red Cell Concentrate (RCC) Quality
Validation of Pooled, Buffy-Coat Derived, Leucodepleted Platelet Concentrates in Additive Solution Manufactured Using the Orbisac Platelet Processing System
Trends in HCV, HBV and HIV in Blood Donors Over the Past 12 Years
Bacteria and Blood Transfusion
Haemoglobin & Blood Substitutes; Current Status
Adverse Reactions of Red Cell Transfusion
Nitric Oxide Bioactivity Deficiency
athogen Reduction of Fresh Plasma Using Riboflavin and UV Light
reezing of Buffy Coat Derived, Leucoreduced Platelet Concentrates in 6% Dimethyl Sulfoxide
How Much Residual Plasma May Cause TRALI?
Granulocytes in Neutropenia (GIN) a Non-Randomised, Single Arm Clinical Study
Registrars do Need More Haemostasis Training Otherwise There May be Trouble Ahead!
Storage of Platelet Concentrates Over 14 Days in Plasma and SSP 1
Use and Abuse of Prothrombin Complex Concentrates and Novoseven in the Management of Bleeding Episodes
A Combination Filter for Prion and Leukocyte Reduction, its Stability in Large Scale Test
Recombinant Fusion Proteins Containing the Amino-Terminal Domain of the Human Glycoprotein IIIa Successfully Used for Antibody Binding
Can the Donors' Sample be Lost in our System?
ABO Discrepancy – to B or Not to B
Severe HDN Due to Anti-G; A Case Study
Mixed-type AIHA Due to IgM Cold and IgA Warm Auto Antibodies
Auto-Anti-Jka in Evans' Syndrome
Delayed Haemolytic Transfusion Reaction (DHTR) Due to Anti-Jka Detected by Enzyme Techniques
Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn Due to Anti-Jka
Guess What's in the Bag
Alloanti-D Production in an Individual with the RhD Mutation (S103P) Previously Unassociated with Partial D
Detection of Monoclonal Anti-D BRAD-3 Using A His Tagged scFv, Dynabeadss TALONt and Flow Cytometry
A Case Highlighting the use of A Chemiluminescence Assay for Compatibility Testing
A Review of a New Testing Protocol for Samples Containing Prophylactic Anti-D
Characterization of RhD Discrepancies in a Maternity Population In Lisbon, Portugal
The Use of Soluble Proteins Having Blood Group Activity in Quantifying Red Cell Antibodies in Pregnant Women
ABO Blood Group Phenotypes of Lung Cancer Patients
The Orange Guide, a Blueprint for Validation
Human Platelets as a Substrate Source for the In Vitro Amplification of the Abnormal Prion Protein (PrPSc) Associated with Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease
Assessment of Interventions Aimed at Reducing the Bacterial Contamination Rate of Platelet Concentrates
Safeguarding the Patient and Maintaining Supply
The Use of the BacT/Alert System for Screening Cord Blood Donations
The Implementation of National Environmental Monitoring Systems for Controlled and Uncontrolled Environment Rooms within the National Blood Service (NBS)
Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) Collection, One Centre's Experience
Do Missing Haemoglobinapathy Results Cause Wastage of Cord Blood Donations?
Cord Blood Donors
Optimising Malaria Antibody Testing of Cord Blood Donors to Minimise Discard or Delay to Transplants
Management of Severe Anemia in Pregnancy (Sickle Cell Disease)
Is Cross Matched Blood Required for All Patients Undergoing Anterior Resection?
Sustainable Traceability
Audit of Red Cell Transfusion Practice in the ITU Setting
Pre-Registration Adult Nurses? Knowledge of Safe Transfusion Practice
A Zero Tolerance Approach to Improving Sampling and Requesting Practice
Developing Training in the Use, Reconstitution and Administration of Beriplex P/Ns
Delivering GMP Training for Drivers to Meet the Requirements of BSQR
Assessment of Blood Transfusion on Cerebral and Peripheral Tissue Oxygenation in Medical Patients
Delivering National Assessor Training to Meet the Requirements of Right Patient, Right Blood
Establishing and Maintaining GMP in Hospital Transfusion Laboratories
Evaluation of a New Rapid ABO, D, K and RH Technique
Reducing Sampling Errors
Electronic Bedside Blood Transfusion Verifier
Recommendations for West Midlands Hospitals to Reduce O Negative Usage Produced by West Midlands RTC O Negative Sub Group
Importance of Early Rituximab and Ciclosporin Therapy in Refractory Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Pupura
Transfusion Education and Competency Assessment During Medical Clinical Consolidation
Interventions to Improve Compliance with Guidelines for Irradiated Blood Products Provision
Analysis of the Quality of Iron Chelation Treatment in a General Haematology Population
Development of a UK Policy for Intraoperative Cell Salvage
Routine AntenatalAnti-D (RAAD) - How Compliant Are We?
Reducing the Amount of Blood Transfused in Cardiac Surgery
Survey of Implementation of NICE Guidance on Routine Ante-Natal Anti-D Prophylaxis
Training Log for Transfusion Practitioners
Survey of Use of Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg) in South Wales
Development of a UK Intraoperative Cell Salvage Education Pack
Patient Identification BA Regional Safety Campaign
Developing Technical Documentation to Promote the Wider Use & Standardisation of Cell Salvage in the UK
Is Blood Given Appropriately in Surgery?
Teaching Transfusion Medicine to UK Medical Students
Competency Assessment in Transfusion
Exploring and Identifying the Learning Needs of Registered Nurses Working within an Orthopaedic Environment Providing an Alternative to Allogeneic Transfusion
NHS Quality Improvement Scotland Clinical Standards – Blood Transfusion
A Strategic and Collaborateive Approach to Traceability Achieves 100% Compliance in NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Using Practitioner Networks to Examine Consent for Blood Transfusion? A UK Perspective
Adopting a More Systematic Approach to Managing Projects Within the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
EU Optimal Use of Blood Project (EUOPUB)
Transfusion E-Learning and the Online and Recording and Assessment System (ORAS)
Blood Collection Competency Pilot
Providing Safe Transfusion Training to Medical Students Via An Acute Care Day
Patient Admitted to ITU with Suspected TRALI – what the HTT did Next
An Audit of a New Emergency Delivery Process and the Deliveries Made