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A Severe Case of Diclofenac Induced Immune Haemolytic Anaemia
Two Heterozygous Mutations in an Individual Result in the Loss of a Novel High Incidence Lutheran Antigen Lurc
The Evaluation of BioArray Solutions BeadChip™ Microarray System for Human Erythrocyte Antigen Genotyping of Irish Blood Donors
Three Antigens of a New Blood Group System: RHAG
Long Term RBC and HLA Antibody Follow-Up After Intra-Uterine Transfusions (IUT)
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Time Based Analysis of the Apheresis Platelet Supply Chain in England and North Wales
Transfusion of Stored Leucodepleted Red Blood Cells Interacts With Cardiopulmonary Bypass to Amplify Post Cardiac Surgery Acute Kidney Injury.
Trauma Haemorrhage: Evolving Role of ROTEM for Predicting Transfusion Requirements
Basal Levels of Platelet Activation in Blood Donors: Correlation with Platelet Responder Status
Automated GMP-Grade Separation of MNC Using a Density Gradient Based Protocol (dgbs) in Preparation for Immunomagnetic Processing Using the SEPAX® s-100 machine: A Comparison with the Standard Manual Ficoll® Method
Development of a HPA Alloantibody Screening Assay on the Luminex Platform with Recombinant Mini-Beta 3 Integrins
Transfusing RhD negative recipients aged > 65 years with no alloantibodies with RhD positive red cells? Effect on stock management and immunization rate
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Serious Hazards of Transfusion (Shot) Reports Relating to Anti-D Immunoglobulin In 2008
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Five Novel RHD Alleles Resulting in D Variant Phenotypes
Investigation and Management of a High Frequency Rh Antibody in a Pregnant, Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) Patient
Determination of Optimum Method for Measuring IgG and IgM Isohaemagglutinin Titres in Abo Incompatible Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
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A Novel LU Mutation Giving Rise to a New Example of the Recessive Type Lutheran-Null Phenotype
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RHD Variant Caused by an In-Frame Triplet Insertion in the RHD Gene
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Transfusionmatters: A Publication for the Clinical Area
Emergency, Emergency!!
The Development of An Assistant Transfusion Practitioner Support Group in The North East and Yorkshire & The Humber Regions
In Vitro Investigations into Reconstituted, Stored Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (Octaplex®): Supporting the Development of Best Practice Guidelines
National (Wales) Audit on the Use of Patient Information Leaflets
Changes in Hospital Blood Inventory Management from 2002 to 2008: Results from the 2008 Blood Stocks Management Scheme Inventory Practice Survey
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Appropriate Use of Platelets - Making Use of the National Comparative Audit Tool
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Participation in Shot 2006-2008
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Demand Drivers for Blood and Blood Components in England and North Wales
Cerebral Oxygenation and Oxygen Extraction in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Patients
Intraoperative Cell Salvage (ICS) Improves Survival Following Emergency Repair of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
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