Understanding the Biology of Paediatric Leukaemias
Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Possible Future Therapeutic Applications
Demonstrating Haematopoietic and Cardiovascular Potential of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Donors; Young; Fainting; Blood Volume; Adverse Events
New/Emerging Infections
Is Donor Selection Appropriate and Non-Discriminatory? i.e. Should Men Who Have Sex with Men be Allowed to Donate Blood?
Laboratory Perspectives and Lessons Learnt
Experience of Poct and Teg in Major Surgery
Massive Haemorrhage Protocols: Blood Centre View and Regional Guidelines
2-Unit Apheresis; A New Standard of Red Cell Provision?
Routine Use of DNA Testing for Blood Centres
Is Old Blood Harmful?
Protein Microarrays: Applications in Immunohaematology
Recombinant Blood Group Proteins for Use in Antibody Screening and Identification Tests
Synthetic Peptide ‘Mimotopes’ of Blood Group Antigens for Red Cell Antibody Screening
Management of Patients Declining Treatment with Blood Products
Transfusion Management of Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Transfusional Management of Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage
Clinical Studies with Intercept Treated Platelets
Mirasol System Evaluation
Pathogen Inactivation of Platelets Using Uvc Light
The Structure and Function of the Red Cell Membrane
New Fluid Therapies Reaching Beyond Oxygen Carrying Capacity: A Microvascular Perspective
Detection of Mixed Field (Mf) Reactions In Abo/D Typing-Results of An Eqa Exercise and Questions Raised
Routine Antenatal Anti-D Prophylaxis - A Hospital Audit
A Rare Finding of an Auto-Antibody Showing Lutheran Specificity
A New Dar Variant, Dara - Serologic and Molecular Differences Between Dara, Weak D Type 4.2.2, Dv Type 7, Dare and Dar
Two Unusual Cases Within the Cromer Blood Group System: I) A Novel High Incidence Antigen Croz and II) A Novel Molecular Basis of Inab Phenotype
A Case of Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia Due to Anti-Gpiv-Antibodies
Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload. Reporting to Shot
Potential of Improving Transfusion Practice in Critical Care
Key Performance Indicators in Hospital Blood Stock Inventory Management
A Study of Intrauterine Platelet Transfusions in South East England and Their Outcome
A Survey of Frozen Component Inventory Management in 228 Hospitals
Introduction of a Quality Management System for Hemocue 201+ Point-of-Care Devices in an Operating Theatre Setting in a UK Teaching Hospital
Increased Haemolysis in Re-Manufactured Red Cell Concentrates (Rcc) is Associated with Lipaemic Plasma
HIV Avidity Testing on Samples from HIV Positive Blood Donors in England, 2008–2009: The Value of Retaining Reactive Packs
Remanufacture of Prion Reduced Red Cells for Exchange Transfusion with Pathogen Inactivated Plasma
Use of Solvent Detergent Treated Ffp in Children with Severe Sepsis
Does the Instigation of a Massive Traumatic Haemorrhage Protocol Improve the Efficiency of Blood Product Delivery to the Patient?
Coagulation Factors in Buffy Coat Derived Pooled Platelets
Using Protein Microarray for Complete Blood Typing
An Individual with a Variant D Antigen and Hrs-Phenotype Arising from Four Unusual Haplotypes
A Prospective Study for Correlation Between Detection and Identification of Red Cell Alloantibodies and Red Cell Transfusion Requirement in Multiple Transfused Thalassemia Major Patients
Abnormal Hemoglobin Variants, Abo and Rhesus Blood Group Distribution Among Students in the Niger Delta of Nigeria
Impact of Hospital Inventory Practice on Wastage in the Blood Supply Chain
Anaemia in Surgical Patients: A Proposal for Preventing Blood Transfusion
Molecular Views of Blood Group Antigens
Finagle's Elixir
Hla Testing: Recent Advances
Immunogenetics of Transplantation
The Use of Hla Matchmaker for the Provision of Matched Products
VCJD Epidemiology and Risk of Transfusion Transmission
Blood, Tissue and Organ Safety: Upcoming Initiatives from the Governments' Advisory Committee
The Production of a Bookmark as a Tool to Improve Appropriate Use of Blood Components in the South West Region
A Reduction in Platelet Wastage: Stocking Only Non-Group O Platelets.
A Retrospective Review of the Use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate vs. Fresh Frozen Plasma in Patients Presenting With Raised INRS Due to Warfarin Therapy
Development of P-Capt® Filter for Reduction of Prion Infectivity and VCJD Transmission of Red Blood Cell Concentrates
Development of Anti-Coa in Pregnancy
Drug Induced Haemolytic Anaemia Associated With Diclofenac and Timentin
Investigating the Molecular Basis of Stomatin-Deficient Cryohydrocytosis
Multi-Centre Evaluation of Pre-transfusional Routine Tests Using an 8-Column Format Gel Cards (Grifols Dg® Gel System)
Multi-Centre Evaluation of Immunohematologic Routine Methods Using the MDmulticard® Lateral Flow Assay
Expression of the D Antigen Increases on R2r Red Cells during Pregnancy
KELP (KEL35): A New High Incidence Antigen in the Kell Blood Group System Defined By Two Homozygous Missense Mutations in KEL
Investigating Mixed Field Blood Group Results Produced on the IBG Galileo Analyser.
Hyperhaemolysis in HBH Disease
The Usual Suspect - Follow the Evidence
Acute Hyperhemolytic Transfusion Reaction (AHTR) Due to Cold Autoantibody (Remarkable Coexistence of IgM and IgG Molecules) Following an Anti-P1 Alloimmunization in A Thalassemic Pregnant Patient
Pre-Transplant Anti-A/B Titrations in ABO Mismatched Renal Transplants
Rationalisation of the Investigation of Autoimmune Cases in RCI
Comparison of Grifols DG® Gel System and Diamed-ID® System for Immunohematologic Pre-Transfusional Testing
Anti-D Levels at Delivery Following Routine Antenatal Anti-D Prophylaxis (RAADP)
A Silent Mutation 939g>A in RHCE (Pro313) Causes Loss of A Splice Site and Complete Skipping of Exon 6 Resulting in Expression of A Novel E Antigen
Is the NHS Blood and Transplant Detecting Enough Rare Blood Group Donors to Prevent Shortages for Patients in Need?
Refractory Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia - A Case Report: Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow Up
The Study of Anti-HPA-1a Affinity in Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia (NAIT)
BAC-Detect - A New System for Detecting Bacteria in Platelets
Developing an Online Blood Ordering System (OBOS)
Current Laboratory Practice in Managing Anti-D Prophylaxis in the UK and Eire
Timing of Sample Collection in Relation to Previous Transfusions - A Proposal for Changing the Recommendations
A Survey of Platelet Inventory Management in 228 Hospitals
The Internal Reliability and Face Validity of a Novel OSCE for the Assessment of Transfusion Practice in Anaesthesia
Routine Antenatal Anti-D Prophylaxis - Is the Protection Adequate?
Implementation and Revision of a Massive Transfusion Protocol
Accessing the Evidence for Good Transfusion Practice: The Transfusion Evidence Library
Competency Assessment for Nurse Led Blood and Platelet Ordering - A Competency Too Far?
Why Does Foetal Haemoglobin in Maternal Cells Not Cause More of a Problem in Fetomaternal Haemorrhage Estimation Determined by Kleihauer?
Supporting NHS Scotland with Clinical Competency Assessment for the Collection and Delivery of Blood Components
Optimal Blood Use in the European Union
Blood Transfusion and Conservation for Hip Revision Surgery in Scotland: A National Prospective Observational Cohort Study
Introduction to Blood Transfusion Practice Undergraduate Nurse Training Package
Are Patients Going to Theatre for Elective Primary and Revision Hip/Knee Arthroplasty with Sub-Optimal Haemoglobin?
The Transfusion Chain Game - a New Teaching Tool
Failing to Check the Detail - A Regional Audit of Wristband Compliance in High Dependency Patients
An Audit of Red Cell Antibodies in Adult Patients Waiting for Liver Transplantation
Enhanced Recovery and the Management of Anaemia Pre-Operatively
Pre-Operative Oral Iron: Service Development and Evaluation
Written or Verbal Consent for Blood Transfusion? An Analysis of Current Practice
Evaluation of Transfusion Practice in Patients with Hip Fracture: Which Patients May Benefit from Intravenous Iron?
The Quality of Blood Transfusion Documentation: What Should We Be Teaching to Maintain Good Transfusion Practice?
Red Cell Concentrate Administration - Near Miss Events
Audit of the Appropriate Use of Fresh Frozen Plasma in the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital
Improving the Management of Massive Haemorrhage, a District General Hospital Experience
Anti-D Prophylaxis in Pregnancy: How Are We Doing?
Senior Haematology Nurses Extending Their Role to Improve Patient Care in a Haematology/Oncology Unit
What is the Maximum Time That a Unit of Red Blood Cells (RBCS) Can Be Left out of the Fridge before It Becomes Unsafe?
Evaluating the All Wales Competency Package
Efficacy and Safety in Post-Operative Autologous Blood Reinfusion
The Role of Audit in the Development of a Massive Haemorrhage Protocol in a UK Major Trauma Centre
Audit of a Protocol for Intravenous Iron in Pregnant Women with Low Iron Stores or Iron Deficiency Anaemia
Major Haemorrhage: Multi-Discipline Education Session
Education = Participation, Promoting Safe, Effective and Appropriate Transfusion Practice
A Governance Framework to Support Safe Blood Transfusion Practice: A Scottish Approach
Audit of Transfusion Samples Following the Introduction of Zero Tolerance Policy in Gartnavel General Hospital
East Midlands Regional Transfusion Committee - Raising Transfusion Awareness
Anaemia in Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Anaemia and Chronic Heart Failure; Association with Poor Cardiac Function and Re-Admission
Iron First for Anaemia in Vascular Surgery
Exploring the Opinions of Registered Nurses Working in a Clinical Transfusion Environment on the Contribution of E-learning to Personal Learning and Clinical Practice
A Tale of Traceability
Talking with Infected Donors: Could We Do Better?