Public policy, blood safety and haemovigilance
Patient consent for blood transfusion – recommendations from SaBTO †
SaBTO review of blood donor selection criteria related to sexual behaviour
Efficiency of diversion of the first aliquot of blood and prestorage leukoreduction for preventing bacterial contamination in red blood cell concentrates assessed using a rapid polymerase chain reaction-based bacterial detection system
Hierarchical analysis of anaemia deferral in blood donor candidates: the individual in the population perspective
Humoral immunomodulatory effect of influenza vaccine in potential blood donors: implications for transfusion safety
A novel FUT1 allele was identified in a Chinese individual with para-Bombay phenotype
Cryoprecipitate transfusion: assessing appropriateness and dosing in trauma
Automated washing of human progenitor cells: evaluation of apoptosis and cell necrosis
Evaluation of two detection methods of microorganisms in platelet concentrates
Fresh blood for transfusion in adults with beta thalassaemia
Routine antenatal anti-D prophylaxis – is the protection adequate?
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