The year's end
The history of blood transfusion prior to the 20th century–part 2
Blood transfusion safety: a new philosophy†
The evidence for the use of recombinant factor VIIa in massive bleeding: revision of the transfusion policy framework
The impact of increasing the upper age limit of donation on the eligible blood donor population in Canada
Significant bacterial contamination risk reduction with the use of diversion pouch
Assessment of blood administration competencies using objective structured clinical examination
Intraoperative transfusion threshold and tissue oxygenation: a randomised trial
The observation of bleeding complications in haemato-oncological patients: stringent watching, relevant reporting
Bacterial contamination of blood products at the Croatian Institute of Transfusion Medicine: results of eleven-year monitoring
Preparation of albumin from human plasma by heat denaturation method in plasma bag
Blood Work – A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution
The Discovery and Significance of the Blood Groups
Difficult venepuncture – it was all in the head!
A case report of Citrobacter koseri bacteraemia after transfusion of contaminated red cells
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