Western Australian Success Story of Patient Blood Management
Optimising Donor Health and the Blood Supply: Update on the Interval Study
Trauma Patients: Give Tranexamic acid but Randomise to Blood Transfusion
Analysis of Outcomes to Anticipated Regulation
A Year in Social Media
What Do We Know about UK Blood Donors? Going in Search of the Bigger Picture
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) For Immunogenetics
NGS to Better Characterise Viral Infections: Hepatitis as an Example
MALDI-TOF in Transfusion and Transplantation Medicine
James Blundell Award Lecture-The Discovery and Significance of Selected Blood Groups
Race & Sanger Award Lecture-Cation Permeability of the Red Cell Membrane in Health and Disease
A Patient Blood Management (PBM) Service at Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (RCHT) Reduces Transfusion Rates for Combined Revision Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Predicting Blood Loss in Caesarean Section: Anticipating the Need for Intraoperative Cell Salvage
Significant Improvement in the Management of Major Obstetric Haemorrhage with a ROTEM Guided Algorithm Using Fibrinogen Concentrate
The Development of an Online Instructional Video to Aid Skills Teaching of Intra Operative Cell Salvage Set-Up
Targeting the ‘Agents of Change’ to Influence Optimum Patient Blood Management
A National Survey of Red Cell Use in England and North Wales: Use of the Data to Promote Patient Blood Management Initiatives
Change Stories: Staff Experiences of Change
Gaining UKAS ISO15189 Accreditation- A Hospital Blood Transfusion Laboratory Perspective
Kenneth Goldsmith Award Lecture - Playing with Fire
An Overview of MAHSE, and Its Work with BBTS
Aligning Training Delivery with Changing Service Needs -Upgrading the BBTS Specialist Certificate in Transfusion Practice
I Want to be a Clinical Scientist
Modernised Scientific Careers: Who’s Paying for All This!
Generation of a Novel ENU-Induced Murine Pedigree Lacking Erythroid Lineage Marker TER119/Ly76
Use of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Novel Diagnostics in Transfusion Medicine
The Impact of Maternal, Neonatal and Collections Factors on the TNC Count of an Umbilical Cord Blood Donation
A Study of the Reversibility of Cation Imbalance and Microvesicle Production in Stored Red Cells
Evaluation and Introduction of Non-Invasive Haemoglobin Testing for Blood Donor Screening
The Interval Study: Preliminary Analysis of Haematological Profiles
Simulation Training in Adult, Obstetric and Paediatric Major Haemorrhage Protocols
2013 National Comparative Audit of Anti-D Ig Prophylaxis
#Transfusion @London_RTC - The London RTC and the Use of Twitter
An Exploratory Research Study into the Effects of Staff Feelings and Perceptions Following a Transfusion Incident Investigation
Free Lessons from Near Miss Transfusion Errors
Wrong Blood in Tube - Where Does the Process Go Wrong?
Patients with a History of Transplantation
The Trouble with Trauma
The Trouble with Transfer
Diagnosis & Treatment of Coagulopathies in the Bleeding Patient: We Want it Quick and We Want It Now - The Copenhagen Concept!
Bloody Perioperative Case Scenarios: Vote for Personalized Care
Diagnosis and Treatment of Coagulopathies in the Bleeding Patient, and Evidence on Effectiveness of Component Therapy
The Impact of Providing Blood to the Scene of an Accident on Transfusion Laboratory Practice
Breaking the Cycle - Multiple Errors Resulting in Transfusion of Incorrect Blood Components
Interpretation of Weak D in Young Female Patients - are UK Transfusion Laboratories Making Correct Decisions? Evidence from a UK NEQAS (BTLP) Exercise
Transfusion Management and Haemostatic Changes in Major Obstetric Haemorrhage in the UK
Transfusion Management of Passenger Lymphocyte Syndrome Post Liver Transplantation at Leeds Teaching Hospitals
A Rare cD-/(C)D- Phenotype in an Individual and Production of anti-Rh17-Like
Human Erythrocyte Antigens and Human Platelet Antigens Panel: A Genotyping Protocol Based on Next-Generation Sequencing
A Novel Molecular Background and a Family Study of a Gy(a-) Individual with Anti-Gya
An Individual with the R2R0HAR Phenotype was Positive with Three Monoclonal Anti-e and Produced Alloanti-e
Novel Alleles at the Kell Blood Group Locus that Lead to Kell Variant Phenotype
Homozygosity for a Variant SEMA7A Allele Resulting in Loss of a Novel High Frequency JMH Antigen
Management of Anaemia Reduces Red Cell Transfusion in NI
Identification and Treatment of Transfusion Reactions - A Collaborative Regional Approach
Skills for Health Collaboration to Develop a Transfusion Training Passport
An Audit of the Management of Massive Haemorrhage in the Yorkshire and the Humber Region
Pre-Operative Assessment Clinics: Management of Anaemia 2005, 2007 and 2012
Teaching the Teacher to Teach
Leading Audit and Research: Who, Me?
From Novice to Expert - That's Just the Boss and Me!
The Biological Effect and Characterization of Erythrocyte Derived Microvesicles
Measurement of Red Blood Cell Deformability by Filtration, LORCA and Mechanical Fragility
Development of a New INTERCEPT Processing Set with Triple Storage Containers for Preparing Pathogen Inactivated Platelets
Comparison of Several Coagulation Factor Concentrations in Different Plasma Products
Transport of Donor Red Cell Concentrates: The Effects of Exposure to 15 °C for up to 12 h on Component Quality
Haemovigilance Experience Characterizing the Safety of 19,175 Platelet Transfusions Prepared With Amotosalen and UVA Treatment
Survey of Causes of Deferral among New and Registered Apheresis Platelet Donors in Welsh Blood Service (WBS)
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Blood Donation Amongst Medical Students Across India
What Happens to Blood Donors Who are Found to be Infected with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C?
Response Rate of Blood Donors after Notification of Reactive Test Result on Their Blood Samples
Vascular Endothelial Cell Markers and Serum Ferritin in Platelet and Blood Donors
Female Gender Participation in the Blood Donation Process in a Resource Poor Settings: Case Study of Sokoto in North Western Nigeria
An Analysis of Allogeneic Transplants between Recipients who Received ‘High’ and ‘Low’ CD34 Doses
Human Derived Cell Culture Supplements - Comparison of Platelet Lysate and Serum
Xeno-Free Isolation and Expansion of Human Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells
An Audit of Adverse Reactions during the Infusion of Thawed Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells
The Role of Immunoadsorption in Transplantation
Audit of Blood Used for Elective Surgery in Lagos, Nigeria
Understanding the Reasons for Platelet Wastage in a Large Trust
Appropriate Use of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) in adults at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Bridging the Feedback Gap on Blood Collection
Implementing ‘Bloodhound’: Tracking Blood Components Vein to Vein, Laboratory to Ward
Paper Based System can Achieve 100% Traceability in Transfusion- An Audit Report
Consent for Blood Transfusion in the Clinical Practice. May 2014
‘Where Does the Blood Go?’: Five Cycles of Data Collection
Management of Pregnant Women with Clinically Significant Red Cell Antibodies
WASPS - A Very Individual Scheme
British Blood Transfusion Society Education Survey
Super Blood! Development of a Child Patient Information Leaflet
Massive Haemorrhage Protocol Activation Audit
Creation of a Validation Protocol for Intra Operative Cell Salvage
Identify Yourself: Patient Nameband Audit
Audit of Blood Transfusion in Elective Total Lymphadenectomy for Skin Malignancy Metastasis - Is a Routine Group and Save Necessary?
The Accessibility of Patient Identification Bands in Operating Theatres
Challenges in Administration of Anti-D Immunoglobulin: A Comparison of the Guidance
Auditing Compliance with ‘Check Sample’ Procedures in Adult Emergency and Elective Surgical Patients
Massive Blood Loss Protocol, Time to Assess?
How do you Solve a Problem Like……Red Cell Wastage?
Use of Calcium in Therapeutic Apheresis Procedures - A Survey across Specialist Therapeutic Services NHSBT England
Improving Consent and Counselling Practices for Blood Transfusion in the Obstetric Population
The North West Regional Transfusion Committee’s Audit of Platelet Use and Wastage
Audit of the Estimation of Fetomaternal Haemorrhage in Northern Ireland
Improving Blood Transfusion Ordering in Obstetric Patients- Analysis of Current guideline use and Unused Units
Challenges Facing Implementation of Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation (SLMTA) Program in Blood Transfusion Service in Kenya
Documenting Consent for Blood Transfusion
Haemovigilance Reporting in the UK 2013 - Collaboration to Reduce Confusion
Transfusion of K+ Units to Women of Child-Bearing Age - A Snapshot (2014)
The development of a Teaching Package on Intra Operative Cell Salvage for Heath Care Assistants
The NHSBT Stock Management Service - An Integrated Approach to Managing Blood Stocks Effectively
National Comparative Audit of Patient Information & Consent
Platelet Co-Ordinator and their Impact on Platelet Transfusion
Quality Improvement Initiatives Towards Provision of Safe and Sufficient Blood In Kenya
Developing a Home Transfusion Service
Quantifying and Analysing use of Blood Products in relation to Primary Hip and Knee Replacement at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital
Blood Transfusion Requirements in Elective Open Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Use of Intraosseous Blood Samples in Major Blood Loss, Paediatric Trauma and Vasculature Collapse
Use of Recent Haematocrit and Haemoglobin S Levels Improves Apheresis Red Cell Exchange
Recognition of Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload in Patients Aged Over 70 Years
Authorising Blood: Can a Non-Medical Signature Make a Difference?
Choose the Right Path - Better Blood Transfusion Education Pathways
To What Extent Does Undertransfusion Occur in Modern Clinical Practice?
Blood, Sweat and Tears- Establishment of a Strategic Partnership
Why are We Transfusing Young Women Today? A Retrospective Audit of Transfusion Practice in Women Less Than 40 Years of Age in a UK Hospital
Is One Dose of Anti-D Enough; Investigation of Potentially Significant Factors
Two Thirds of ABO-Incompatible Transfusions Have No Adverse Clinical Consequences -17 Years of SHOT Data
Assessment of Inappropriate Use of Emergency Group O RhD Negative Red Cells in a Large Teaching Hospital
BCSH Requirement for an Additional Sample in the Case of FMH Quantification Post Blood Grouping: Is it Necessary?
A Case of Haemolysis Following Administration of Intravenous Immunoglobulin
Anti-D - a Continuing and Evolving Problem
How Well Does NHSBT Provide Blood for Genotyped Patients?
An Unexplained Anti-D, or is it Anti-G?
Serum Ferritin and Total Top-Up Transfusions in Sickle Cell Anaemia: Revisited
Non-Medical Authorisation of Blood Transfusion- Who Benefits?
Acute Haemolytic Transfusion Reaction: DAT Negative Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia without Demonstrable Allo-Antibodies
Reducing Wastage Level of Paediatric Blood Units
ABO Mismatched Renal Transplantation in Northern Ireland
Varying Ability of Monoclonal Anti-D Reagents and Weak RhD Discrepancies- Our Experience
Reducing Out-of-Hours Transfusions - a Hospital Education Campaign
The Impact of Electronic Decision Support and Electronic Remote Blood Issue on Transfusion Practice
Hepatitis E Exposure in Blood Donors in Upper Austria
Prevention of Post-Transfusion Hepatitis C by Screening of Antibody to Antigens in Blood Donors
Transfusion Transmitted Infections Among Blood Donors of Bone Marrow Transplant Patients
Strategies to Minimize Bacterial Contamination of Blood Products in a Developing Country
Bacteriological Monitoring Investigations
Significance of Screening Anti-HBc Among Libyan Blood Donor: A Preliminary Study
Preoperative Anaemia and Length of Stay in Fracture Neck of Femur Patients
Prudent Resource Utilisation: Moving on the Cell Salvage Story
Audit of the Use of iv Iron in Hospital Practice in the South West Region of England
Can We Predict Blood Transfusion Requirements in Caesarean Section? A Retrospective Review
Patient Blood Management in Enhanced Recovery in Obstetrics
Detection and Management of Anaemia in Preoperative Cardiac Surgical Patients
Assessing the Impact of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery on the Use of Post-Operative Cell Salvage in Wales
A Regional Approach to Implementing Nurse Authorisation in the North East of England
A Regional Approach to the Implementation of Viscoelastometric Point of Care Testing (TEG/ROTEM) - The North West and North Wales Experience
Audit of the Use of Fresh Frozen Plasma - East Midlands Regional Transfusion Committee
Electronic Appropriate Blood Use Data
Red Blood Cell Alloimmunisation in Transfuon Dependent Patients Population - a Study From Eastern India
Blood Group Genotyping Using the Bloodchip ID Core XT: Potential for Use in the Hospital Transfusion Setting
NHSBT Provision of a Fetal RhD Gentoyping Service Pilot to Reduce Antenatal RhIg Admininstration
Assessment and Validation of Fluogene System for Genotyping Patients Referred to RCI Laboratories
Identification of Passive Anti-D by Titration in a Hospital Setting
Technical Performance of the Fully Automated Fetal RHD Screening Program in the Netherlands
Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) is an Accurate Molecular Method to Determine RHD Zygosity
Evaluation of the Effect of Stemregenin-1, an Aryl Hydrocarbon Antagonist, on Proliferation of Cord-Derived Erythroid Progenitor Cells in Ex Vivo Culture
Hemo ID - A Robust and Flexible Panel for Blood Group Genotyping, and Predicted Phenotyping
A New Example of Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn Caused by Anti-VONG
An Antibody to the Low Frequency Antigen Bea (Rh:36) Caused Hydrops Foetalis and the RHCE*ceBE Allele has been Shown to Travel With RHD*DAU-0
Does the Sensitivity of the Pre-Transfusion Antibody Screen Affect the Incidence of Delayed Haemolytic Transfusion Reactions in Patients?
RhD DAU-5 Study and Immunization
Identification and Exclusion of Problematic Red Cell Antibody Screening Cells Expressing HLA