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Blood transfusion at the time of the First World War – practice and promise at the birth of transfusion medicine
UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative: minimum standards for staff qualifications, training, competency and the use of information technology in hospital transfusion laboratories 2014
Guidelines for the specification, implementation and management of information technology systems in hospital transfusion laboratories
The acceptability of volunteer, repeat blood donations in a hospital setting in the Adamaoua region of Cameroon
Simulation training improves clinical knowledge of major haemorrhage management in foundation year doctors
Quality control of buffy coat removed red cell concentrates – a Croatian experience
Storage of RBCs results in an increased susceptibility for complement-mediated degradation
Intraoperative platelet transfusion is associated with increased postoperative sternal wound infections among type A aortic dissection patients after total arch replacement
Prevalence of platelet-specific antibodies and efficacy of crossmatch-compatible platelet transfusions in refractory patients
Seroepidemiology and clinical features of hepatitis delta among HBsAg carriers: a study from Hepatitis Clinic of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization
Profound sustained reticulocytopenia and anaemia in an adult patient with sickle cell disease
Use of anti-D immunoglobulin prophylaxis in solid organ transplants
The passenger lymphocyte syndrome – experience from a cardiothoracic transplant unit
Acquired peanut hypersensitivity following platelet transfusion
Rabies vaccine-associated thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
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