Table of Contents
2016 European Conference on Donor Health and Management
Transfusion‐transmitted CMV infection – current knowledge and future perspectives
Blood donors' attitudes towards voluntary non‐remunerated donation in Trinidad and Tobago
Factors influencing blood donation : a cross‐sectional survey in Guangzhou, China
Red blood cell storage duration and long‐term mortality in patients undergoing cardiac intervention : a Danish register study
A descriptive single‐centre experience of the management and outcome of maternal alloantibodies in pregnancy
Contrasting HCV and HIV seroepidemiology in 11 years of blood donors screening in Brazil
Performance of a new‐generation continuous autotransfusion device including fat removal and consequences for quality controls
Pegylated bovine carboxyhaemoglobin utilisation in a thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura patient
Blood donors' awareness and attitudes towards blood transfusion safety in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia
A new discrepancy of HPA‐3 genotyping because of a rare HPA‐27bw polymorphism
Virus inactivation by 25 kGy gamma irradiation during a new manufacturing process of α2‐macroglobulin