Abstracts from the SHOT symposium 7th July 2017
National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion: report on the 2014 audit of patient information and consent
Jk3 antibodies complicated with severe fetal anaemia requiring intrauterine transfusion: a case report
Weak D type 1, 2 and 3 subtype alleles are rare in the Western French population
Epidemiology of donors and recipients: lessons from the SCANDAT database
Vasovagal reactions in blood donors: risks, prevention and management
The administration of blood components: a British Society for Haematology Guideline
Interpretation of low reactivity in the Abbott Architect rHTLV I/II assay
Pre-hospital transfusion of red blood cells in civilian trauma patients
The practice of diagnosing and reporting transfusion-associated circulatory overload: a national survey among physicians and haemovigilance officers
The healthy donor effect impacts self-reported physical and mental health – results from the Danish Blood Donor Study (DBDS)
Iron deficiency among blood donors: experience from the Danish Blood Donor Study and from the Copenhagen ferritin monitoring scheme
Provision of cellular blood components to CMV-seronegative patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation in the UK: survey of UK transplant centres
Multiplate and TEG platelet mapping in a population of severely injured trauma patients
HLA polymorphisms and risk of red blood cell alloimmunisation in polytransfused patients with sickle cell anaemia
Molecular screening of Vel-blood donors using DNA pools in Nanjing of China
Theoretical and experimental ethics: advocacy for blood donors and beneficiaries of blood transfusions
Bacterial contamination of platelet components not detected by BacT/ALERT®
Sequence analysis of ABO and its homologues is valid for species identification
Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria testing in blood transfusion laboratories: do they go with the flow?
Use of granulocyte transfusions among haematology units in England and North Wales
Prevalence of hepatitis B and human T-lymphotropic virus infection among blood donors at a hospital in the south-central highlands of Peru
Motivational factors for blood donation in first-time donors and repeat donors: a cross-sectional study in West Pomerania
Dengue virus infections among blood donors in Guangxi of China, 2013–2014
Advances in transfusion medicine: gastrointestinal bleeding
Patient blood management in obstetrics: management of anaemia and haematinic deficiencies in pregnancy and in the post-partum period: NATA consensus statement
Non-physician health-care workers and voluntary blood donation: an ambiguous relationship
Platelet storage in 60% bicarbonated Ringer's solution/40% plasma
Reasons to end the donor career: a quantitative study among stopped blood donors in the Netherlands
Randomised feasibility study of a more liberal haemoglobin trigger for red blood cell transfusion compared to standard practice in anaemic cancer patients treated with chemotherapy
Can inactive blood donors be re-recruited? A stratified randomised pilot study
Testing for HTLV 1 and HTLV 2 among blood donors in Western Saudi Arabia: prevalence and cost considerations
An analysis of blood donor deferrals among repeat donors
Assessment of HNA alloimmunisation risk in Northeastern Thais, Burmese and Karen
The association between interval from acceptance to first-time donation, missed first appointment and future donation behaviour
A fatal case of autoanti-Wrb causing autoagglutination of red blood cells and intravascular haemolysis
Analysis of platelet-reactive alloantibodies and evaluation of cross-match-compatible platelets for the management of patients with transfusion refractoriness
The Blood Donation Ambivalence Survey: measuring conflicting attitudes about giving blood
The impact of providing blood to the scene of an accident on transfusion laboratory practice
The pro-inflammatory potential of microparticles in red blood cell units
Two samples for blood transfusion: single centre experience
Demographic, risk factors and motivations among blood donors with reactive serologic tests for syphilis in São Paulo, Brazil
Production of human monoclonal anti-Jk3, recognising an epitope including the Jka/Jkb polymorphic site of the Kidd glycoprotein
Epoetin in the ‘untransfusable’ anaemic patient: a retrospective case series and systematic analysis of literature case reports
Assessment of intra-operative cell salvage haemolysis in the obstetric and orthopaedic clinical setting, in comparison with allogeneic blood
The impact of electronic decision support and electronic remote blood issue on transfusion practice
Transfusion transmitted infections in thalassaemics: need for reappraisal of blood screening strategy in India
Membrane attack complex generation increases as a function of time in stored blood