A surfeit of spherocytes
The blood supply chain, from donor to patient
Prevention of Yersinia enterocolitica, Pseudomonas fluorescens, and Pseudomonas putida outgrowth in deliberately inoculated blood by a novel pathogen-reduction process
Seven-day storage of apheresis platelets
WBC reduction reduces storage-associated RBC adhesion to human vascular endothelial cells under conditions of continuous flow in vitro
Stability after thawing of RBCs frozen with the high- and low-glycerol method
Blood-donor perceptions of health history screening with a computer-assisted self-administered interview
Absence of D− alloimmunization in AIDS patients receiving D-mismatched RBCs
Investigations into the role of anti-HLA class II antibodies in TRALI
Health and economic impact of posttransfusion hepatitis B and cost-effectiveness analysis of expanded HBV testing protocols of blood donors
Impact of changes in viral marker screening assays
Evaluation of a transcription-mediated amplification-based HCV and HIV-1 RNA duplex assay for screening individual blood donations
Improved efficiency of national HIV, HCV, and HTLV antibody testing algorithms based on sequential screening immunoassays
Heart rate increases linearly in response to acute isovolemic anemia
Long-term production of pre-existing alloantibodies to E and c after allogenic BMT in a patient with aplastic anemia resulting in delayed hemolytic anemia
Modulations of anti-D affinity following promiscuous binding of the heavy chain with naïve light chains
Use of percutaneous radial artery catheter for peripheral blood progenitor cell collection in pediatric patients
Leukapheresis after high-dose chemotherapy and autologous peripheral blood progenitor cell transplantation
Trehalose ameliorates the cryopreservation of cord blood in a preclinical system and increases the recovery of CFUs, long-term culture-initiating cells, and nonobese diabetic-SCID repopulating cells
Where have all the donors gone? A personal reflection on the crisis in America's volunteer blood program
Hb-based oxygen carriers
HDN in a mother undergoing in vitro fertilization with donor ova
Jk(a–b–) and Kidd blood group genotypes in Chinese people
The causes and treatment of reactions to platelet transfusions
The causes and treatment of reactions to platelet transfusions
Detection and quantitation of ABO RBC chimerism by a modified coil planet centrifuge method